GamesAsylum: Watch_Dogs - Review

GamesAsylum: "Ubisoft’s unveiling of Watch_Dogs brightened an otherwise dull E3. Their futuristic rendition of Chicago impressed many while the protagonist’s ability to hack into just about anything with a computer chip promised true innovation. There was also an intriguing air of mystery surrounding it – this is something that seemingly came out of a nowhere, from a publisher whose future plans were once frequently leaked online.

That was two years ago. Since then Ubisoft have released new trailers on what would appear to be a monthly basis, detailing every single aspect, from the alternate reality mini-games to the contents of the season pass. With missions often focused on exposing corporate secrets, it’s kind of ironic that by the time Watch_Dogs’ release date neared Ubisoft had revealed pretty much everything it has to offer. Unveiling the Spider-Tank mini-game strikes us as an odd decision in particular. Discovering first-hand that it’s possible to stomp around the city in a metal monstrosity would have been a brilliant surprise, had Ubisoft chosen not to let that proverbial cat out of the bag way before the game’s release. This overexposure uncomfortably ties into the fact that from start to finish Watch_Dogs delivers few surprises. In a way, we’re jealous of those who chose to ignore Ubisoft’s relentless marketing"

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