Halo movie filming is under way with Ridley Scott producing it

Alien director involved in sci-fi war film being shot in Titanic Quarter in Belfast

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ats19921479d ago

Awesome I liked Halo: Forward Unto Dawn so im really excited about this.

christocolus1478d ago

Same here and Ridley scot is a great producer. Can't wait.forward unto dawn was really cool.

starchild1478d ago

I hope they do the property justice. Ridley Scott being involved is really good news.

HugoDrax1478d ago

Nice! could use another film based on the Halo Universe.

hellzsupernova1478d ago

Hopefully it is big budget I hate it when video game movies get made they clearly do not have the budget and time and talent put into it, unlike books, comics etc. Video games could be huge for Hollywood but they just dont put the effort in

Einhert1478d ago

Hated Prometheus and Ridley IMO has taken a slump with that film.

Not excited about him producing at all but a Halo film has such potential and I will always embrace new sci fi as there is not enough good sci fi.

If it can even be half as good as the live action clips Neil Blomkamp did back in 2012 I think it was then it will be a treat.

InTheZoneAC1478d ago

I like sci-fi films even though I hate M$ and never really cared for the Halo games, I'll look forward to this movie...

Pogmathoin1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Well, use $ and........ Forget it.....

InTheZoneAC1477d ago

9 people hate sci-fi films, love M$, care about Halo much, but aren't looking forward to this movie?


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