PSN Store Flash Sale: Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster, Mass Effect Trilogy, Dark Souls 2 And More

GearNuke: "Latest weekly flash sale on NA PSN store offers the latest and greatest for cheap."

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Lowsnamebrand1327d ago

Wasn't ffx HD already 40 bucks? I only bought it for the vita but I'm pretty aire that's what I paid

DarkLordMalik1327d ago

No. It is on sale for $30. Check the link in the article.

TimeSkipLuffy1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )


$40 for Ps3
$30 for Vita

AliTheSnake11327d ago

Is the Mass effect Trilogy coming to PS4 ?

Deadpoolio1327d ago

It's 30 for PS3. You have to actually click on the game to get the sale price....

DualWielding1327d ago

@AlitheSnake1, same question I want to know if I get this or wait for next gen remaster

andibandit1326d ago

WAIT a minute...."Flash Sale"

could be an anagram for:
Lash Leafs
Sash Fella

could it be 2 new unkown IP's for E3!?!?
Sounds like Megatons incomming.

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ZodTheRipper1327d ago

So many good games on sale, I'm almost tempted to give in despite having a huge backlog already ...

DeadMansHand1327d ago

Must wait for PS4 Dark Souls 2.... must wait. ..arrgghh

Applejack1327d ago

Ni No Kuni for only $5??? You would be crazy not to take this deal!

daggertoes831327d ago

Just about to post that. I've never played it and have heard good things about it. I have no excuse now.

TimeSkipLuffy1327d ago

was available for $5 before ^^

admiralvic1327d ago

It's a crazy deal, though some might want to keep in mind that the game is also just under 22 gb and requires 44 gb to install. While some might not mind that, I rather pay the extra $10 and get it from Target to avoid the massive download / install with the added ability to resell it.

jnemesh1327d ago

For $5, who cares if you can't resell! GREAT game, and yes, it is a huge download, but even on my 15mbps connection, it only took a few hours...start the download before you go to bed, it will be ready to play in the morning.

admiralvic1327d ago

@ Jnemesh

The point about file size is that and I know many people might find this hard to believe, but some people don't have a ton of space and might not want to make 44 gb of space just to save $10 dollars on a game.

speedforce1311327d ago

Personally I have the disc version myself (bought for 15 during holidays) however the deal is just too good to pass up. I'd make space if I had to.

As for resale value, I sell games for their true value (not fake resale value at Gamestop) and after factoring in Amazon fees, shipping, materials, etc., you're looking at 7 bucks.

If you bought it brand new at Amazon for 17.20 +3.99 for shipping, and resold at market value, you lost 14.19.

You could have just bought the PSN version for 4.99 and make some space for the game and be done with it.

admiralvic1327d ago

@ Speedforce131

Like I said, Target has it for $14 (sold out online, ) atm and trades into Best Buy for $9 ( ), so you're losing $4 without the DL versus $5 with the download and install. This is why you don't argue semantics with deals, since there are plenty of great ones if you apply more effort than looking at Amazon and trying to refute my point. Especially when many people have boatloads of Target credit from their 3x bonus event a few weeks back.

In the end, I just don't see why people want to make a big deal about someone making this information known. I mean, if this isn't a big deal to you or you don't care, then please don't comment, because some people might want to know this stuff and it could affect their purchase.

WTFisWrongWithYou1327d ago

Why in the hell would you ever pay 10 bucks EXTRA for re-sale value?! The game is already 5 bucks until Friday. You're going to pay 15 now for the game and sell it for 3 dollars? Or, at best, break even?

You go ahead and do that, the rest of us will save stress of worrying about spending five dollars, and reduce use on the disc drive.

I've never played the game either and wasn't too interested. But, I'm not going to stress five dollars and worry about re-selling. Unbelievable.

I shouldn't have to sign up to call someone a dumbass, but, I guess I just did. Dumbass.

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leahcim1327d ago

a Super Master Piece !!!!

NukaCola1327d ago

Was looking forward to FF on Vita but that is not a deal. Ni No Kuni on tge other hand is incredible and you'd be a loon not to get it.

Lowsnamebrand1327d ago

I got ffx HD on the vita the day it released and I just finally put it down about a week ago granted I play ffx2 at all

Bronxs151327d ago

i was going to buy ni no kuni for this price... then i thought better of it.

i bet this game will be the free game soon.

i bough bioshock infinite on sale, then it was the free game. same thing happened with mickey mouse castle of illusion. at this price, ni no kuni is practically free anyways. soon it will be.

FamilyGuy1327d ago

I'm surprised it hasn't popped up as a free PS+ download, they keep putting it on sale once every couple months.

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Godchild10201327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

I'm going to double dip on Toukidon. I rather have it on my memory card then have to switch Vita cards.

Rainbow moon is on my radar as well.

Thehyph1327d ago

Rainbow Moon has a demo. If I recall correctly, the demo is just a restricted trial of the full game, so if you choose to purchase after trying the demo, then you only have to download a quick unlock.

I'm referring to the Vita version. Don't know if ps3 is the same.

Godchild10201327d ago

I downloaded the PS3 demo, never bothered with the Vita' demo version. I ended up buying the Vita version of the game after they fixed the price.

AceBlazer131327d ago

Must resist....spending...... Savings. Fight it you idiot your broke, I have to buy it... Noon you don't, you already have a backlog, but I might play them some day.

Tdmd1327d ago


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