PlanetSide 2 Gets "Coming Soon to PS4" TV Spot

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new "Coming Soon to PS4" TV spot for PlanetSide 2.

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Mister_V1503d ago

Come to PS4. Do it. Do it nooowwwww.

WeAreLegion1503d ago

It's naht a rumah!!! It's coming! NYAAAAAAHHHH!!!

XisThatKid1503d ago

I can't wait till this comes to ps4 I just hope this isn't one of those hype turn too hate games for most people. I love it so far. Once I'm able to actually play with my actual friends its ganna be so epic

user56695101503d ago

coming to ps4 .....2015 lol

BlingBlaine1503d ago

I've been waiting for Planetside 2 since MAG broke. Loooong time go.

PS2 cant come any sooner for my crew and I!

MrBeatdown1503d ago

It says "Coming to the PlayStation 4 system" not "Coming soon to PS4".

Another triumph for video game journalism.

theindiearmy1503d ago

If it has a TV spot, that means it's coming soon. Doesn't take a video game journalist to piece that together.

MrBeatdown1503d ago

Doesn't make the headline any less inaccurate.

theindiearmy1503d ago

The headline is taken from the title of the video, which allows it to be put in quotations.

In the end though, that article and video are from the same source. They can title it whatever they want.

MrBeatdown1503d ago

So this website is basically quoting themselves.


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Nitrowolf21503d ago

Actually it's right, that is literally the name of the video.

Proof: (Official Planetside 2 channel)

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zeuanimals1503d ago


That's gonna be confusing to some people...

rdgneoz31503d ago

Not more than people thinking your new console is an add-on for the old one (Wii U) or the 3rd console being named "One."

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The story is too old to be commented.