DX12 Won't Help Xbox One Get To 1080P, Temper Your Expectations, Says Dev

According to a source inside EA, even DirectX 12 won't be able to guarantee native 1080P resolution for Xbox One games, as the ESRAM is just too limiting for that.

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Festano1419d ago

I think the new Microsoft libraries create improvements and make it easier to bring the games to a higher resolution.

Alexious1419d ago

Well, despite what the rumor said, I hope it as well.

Better libraries equal better games, although in the end, 900P or 1080P doesn't matter that much.

AngelicIceDiamond1419d ago

"Better libraries equal better games, although in the end, 900P or 1080P doesn't matter that much."

I've been saying that for a while. 1080p is just a resolution. What if a game looks like crap 1080p won't magically turn that crappy lookin game into a great lookin game. Take The Amazing Spider Man 2 for instance runs at 1080p on both next gen consoles but the game graphically looks like a PS2 game its terrible.

Regular gamers play great games not get all crazy about some pixels.

Pogmathoin1419d ago

I have a good friend at Ubisoft Toronto, tells me 1080p is certainly attainable, its just whether or not the developer pursues it..... Or not....

BallsEye1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Again an ANONYMOUS SOURCE. Seriously? This is clearly made up flame war. The very title is just wrong already:

"DX12 Won't Help Xbox One Get To 1080P,"
,sorry to burst your bubble but XO had 1080p games from launch...even one of them looks amazing and runs at 60 fps, the only next-gen game that actually does that without a single frame drop.

AngelicIceDiamond1419d ago

"I bet you will see improvement everywhere but that.
Just wait for H5"

Improved everything else like technical improvements and particles effects etc but not necessarily in reaching 1080 easier.

Hey that all sounds great to me seeing how 1080p isn't do or die at least they can focus on the bulk of X1 games and making them better.

otherZinc1419d ago

Someone tell the author that:
Forza Motorsport 5 is the "ONLY" 1080p 60fps next-gen game on the planet, for consoles, period!

So, the XBOX ONE already did 1080p 60fps!
So, cut the BS.

y7jzdgy1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

True but to be fair PS4 could do the same except Sony likes to go overboard with too much bling.

truefan11419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Lol so we are reaching for the friends of "insiders" now. This is pretty funny seeing as how it's usually everyone, but XB1 fans talking about DX12.

@Orange Powerz my question to you is why do you feel like you need to explain it, when in actuality you have no idea the possibilities of DX12 for XB1. Unless you are MSFT or a dev they have let use DX12 (which may be noone yet) it's all speculation. I'm going to be playing Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, and whatever else is announced with or without DX12 and with or without 1080p 60fps. Lastly DX12 can only help the XB1, so I look forward to learning more about how it will improve my gaming experience on XB1.

OrangePowerz1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

It's not an insider and how he got his "information" is very questionable, but on the other hand X1 fans like you believe all the nonsense from Mister X and his "insider" so you might as well believe this then because it's just as reliable.

The big gains of DX12 will be made on the PC where as example CPU usage of multicore CPUs is bad. Despite the X1 supporting DX11 this isn't the case on the console with devs optimizing their games for the fixed hardware.

As for 1080p, software can't magically fix the ESRAM size and with DX12 it will still be harder to get the same resolution in games on the X1 compared to the PS4 counterpart. There is a reason why MS talked about how their upscaller is the best. If you have hardware capable that can do 1080p without issues you don't need to talk about your upscaller.

Geoff9001419d ago

It's a persons 'friend', who supposedly works in EA.

Although I agree people shouldn't expect too much, however DX12 will be a benefit to the X1, heck any major firmware, SDK updates etc will also improve the bone.

MCTJim1419d ago

Now that sir is funny..friends of insiders LOL

christocolus1419d ago

Lol.. First it was ND and now its Friends of insiders?.. Lmao. Why can't people be patient to find out the truth for themselves? Wait for official comments from ms, amd and devs who have spent time with it instead of the so called insiders,their friends or devs who actually have no hands on with the api.

OrangePowerz1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

That is an assumption on your side that I wouldn't have any idea.

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Neonridr1419d ago

it won't guarantee it? Well of course not, that's up to how good the developers are and what sort of expectations they have. Just because the PS4 is more powerful doesn't mean that it can do native 1080p with the snap of a finger. Devs still have to optimize.

That being said, it will be interesting to see just what exactly DX12 can do for the XB1 in actuality. Not hypothetically.

corvusmd1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

"DX12 Won't Help Xbox One Get To 1080P, Temper Your Expectations, Says Dev" So... then the first thing he says is "I'm no dev, but I heard"... Did the person that changed the title even read this?

Don't get me wrong, but it's good to temper your expectations instead of building them up beyond belief, but just cause his "friend" works at EA...doing who knows what... doesn't mean that this is even what he really meant.

Either way, the end result in games hasn't made a huge difference, and as we have seen with games like Ryse, Wolfensteing, Forza Horizon 2, etc X1 can already make some damn great looking games...with or without DX12. DX12 will be great if it helps, but if it doesn''s not what the world is centered on. We are getting caught up in too much minor details...bottom line, we gamers keep getting spoiled with great games, and we nitpick about little stuff that doesn't matter. The graphics differences haven't really proven to be much to worry about yet. Just game!!! Enjoy how great we have it right now.

SliceOfTruth8881419d ago

"So I’m no developer but I have a good friend who landed at EA and he basically said the same thing. Some things will be nice and streamlined but people expecting a sudden leap need to temper expectations."

My friend at EA says it will make xbone able to do 27632637863x9237247242839 REZ....see how this works

Belasco1419d ago

Yes we see, except no one making such ridiculous claims.

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