Watch Chris Hardwick Take on Team Nerdist in Evolve

Nerdist: "We know our Nerdist overlord Chris Hardwick can devour a floor sandwich with no f*cks given, but can he scarf down indigenous wildlife in hopes to evolve into a giant fire-breathing beast while being chased by four vicious hunters? Lucky for him, running away from bullies just so happens to be right up his alley."

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HugoDrax1232d ago

I'm excited for this game!, definitely reminds me of the first night Left 4 Dead released :-)

VanguardOfCalamity1232d ago

a lot of cussing going on in this video - sounds like game night at my house XD

ThanatosDMC1232d ago

I want. This better stay multiplat. Hoping that MS doesnt buy exclusivity.

Yo Mama1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

They can't.

ThanatosDMC1232d ago

How come? They can just throw money at whoever needs money and seal the deal. If MS was smart, this is the game to have exclusivity on

Akuma_Hyabusa1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Dude that girl is super intense 2:28