PlayStation salutes our troops: Bringing E3 to our service men and women.

Playstation blog US writes - "We’re incredibly thankful of the service our troops provide each and every day. As a way to both honor and entertain our service men and women (We all need a bit of R&R sometimes!), we’re pleased to announce Salute To Our Troops, an upcoming event held in Kansas’ Fort Riley military base".

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JohnathanACE1360d ago

PlayStation is showing US troops more respect than liberals in America do. Way to go PlayStation!

Stick891360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

...Hold on I'll be right back...still trying to find where that came from...

OT: Awesome thing Sony is doing.

thorstein1360d ago

Just another troll. Completely unfounded claims found in its comments.

OT: Nice thing SONY is doing. It would be cool to do this thing at the VA too.

NukaCola1360d ago

Always a place in the middle of nowhere. Wished they come to Bragg. :/

thorstein1359d ago

21 people don't think SONY should do this at the Veteran's Association Hospitals?

Umm...ok. Or that 2 bubble boy is a troll? Weird that Stick received more agrees for saying something similar (if the disagrees were about the trolling comment) so I must conclude that 21 people disagree that SONY should bring E3 to injured veterans.

Stick891359d ago


Maybe they thought you were calling me a troll?

thorstein1358d ago

Really? No. I was replying to you. I was saying that the person you responded to was a troll, obviously by its comments. But not you. In fact I bubbled you up for a "Well Said."

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mikeslemonade1360d ago

I was hoping they would be at 29 palms. I'm gonna be there for 16 days for training -_-

maximus19851360d ago

good luck, drill weekend? or active duty training. cali has the best food and vegas....well best everything

ThePandaMaster1360d ago

Not like conservatives have ever done any better...

Major_Glitch1360d ago

Please don't bring politics into this.
OT: Thank you Sony for thinking of our troops.

Rodney251360d ago

Awesome I'm in the Navy so this is perfect Thanks Sony

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truefan11360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

My HOME STATE and 17 miles from where I went to college KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY, EMAW!!!!. Sony is really trying get on my good side, much respect.

GarrusVakarian1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Truefan contemplating buying a PS4 confirmed!


On topic: Really nice gesture from Sony. I bet some of those guys serving are gamers and are touched by the ability to keep up with the latest gaming news.

Allsystemgamer1360d ago

Never thought I'd hear YOU say that

ZodTheRipper1360d ago

I never thought that he went to college as well. Pretty surprising considering his comment history.

GribbleGrunger1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Keep that up Trufan and I might start respecting you too.


Malphite1360d ago

Honestly I don't think he should get a bubble for making a rational comment once in his life. He won't put it to a good use anyway.

Sevir1360d ago

Lol. That's interesting

ZodTheRipper1360d ago

Indeed, that's the first bubble I gave him.

SoulSercher6201360d ago

OMG am I in the Twilight Zone!?

fenome1360d ago

I bubbled you funny, just because I actually laughed and had to read it again. Just for the record, it's not for being pro-sony, it's just for speaking positively and not spouting out delusional bs..

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XiSasukeUchiha1360d ago

Thank you Playstation for respecting the US army and thier struggles.

maximus19851360d ago

damn man why do you have ONE comment cant answer so ill never know

youndamie1360d ago

Well help him out, bubble him up.

Swiggins1360d ago

You really wanna through his other comments, you'll see why he's got one bubble.

sincityhero1360d ago

Don't forget the Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard's struggles too.

hiptanaka1360d ago

At least in this respect, score one for Sony for giving some respect/attention to our servicemen and women.

As opposed to Microsoft, who for those in the military and others without an internet connection, "we have an offline device, it's called the Xbox 360".

LightDiego1360d ago

I heard that our troops play Call of Duty and Battlefield to prepare themselves from the atrocities of war.

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