12 games that teach kids to code — and are even fun, too

Coding is a big deal for kids these days, but it can feel like work. These 12 games help teach programming fundamentals while still being fun.

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ColManischewitz1236d ago

Some of these look fun for adults, too.

crazytown991236d ago

Yeah, I'd play most of these. Huh.

thorstein1236d ago

The amazing thing is that even the big name source engines are now free with a payable upgrade. UDK and Unity are free to download.

They even come with tutorials.

Sadie21001236d ago

This is secretly all Skynet's plans to create future engineers and programmers.

Sadie21001236d ago

Also, that first game looks complicated as hell!

RockYou1236d ago

I should play these....

midnightambler1236d ago

I think this is the only way I'm going to learn coding.

Gave up on Code Academy, but Code Combat looks crazy fun.