Beatboxing, Weird Hair Sex And Other Surprises From Watch Dogs’ NPCs

T1 - There’s a surprising amount to see and do in Watch Dogs – even watching NPCs go about their business can be a lot fun, thanks to the stellar animation and AI work from the devs at Ubisoft Montreal.

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Christopher1389d ago

Stellar AI? Scripted animations (like soccer playing against a wall) and recorded audio files (beat boxing) is not AI. The AI in this game is pathetic, to be honest. Horrific. Everything this article is talking about is scripted, not AI.

oODEADPOOLOo1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Well maybe not the civilians, but the cops in this game are pretty decent. Some chases last a good long while more then I had anticipated, because the A.I for them adjusts fairly quickly.

Clown_Syndr0me1388d ago

Sometimes the police AI suffers from being overpowered, as it is in alot of games.
For example, I was well out of sight, a couple of blocks away. Jumped out my car and got into a parked car and pressed circle to hide. The police appeared about 30 seconds later and instantly knew where I was.
So many games suffer from AI having seemingly supernatural abilities, but in this case its only minor and Im still having a great time.

iceman061388d ago

Also, in some shootouts, I have witnessed pretty good flanking. Although, at times, enemies can still be oblivious to where you are...and at others almost god-like awareness. But, I have witnessed some pretty good driving maneuvers from the police.

Delsin_Rowe1388d ago

Cops are horrible in vehicle is like that they won't stop hitting your car so believe me since I am Mr. FanMan

Dynasty20211388d ago

Blame consoles for limiting what the devs could do with the AI.

Christopher1388d ago

No. AI this bad isn't because of consoles. It's bad developers.

Neonridr1389d ago

lol, the NPC getting flattened was funny. And the hair one was just weird..

It does give life to the world when they add in this much detail to the characters, regardless if it's just scripted stuff or not.

GamersHeaven1389d ago

Thanks for the stellar A.I Ubisoft love shooting people in the face while other A.I just stand there doing nothing thank you.

Pozzle1389d ago

And when I blow up a car, people either stand around waiting for the car to move as if it's just a minor obstruction, or they run INTO the fire D:

Clown_Syndr0me1388d ago

In a particular mission I did last night I witnessed a rather public act of oral sex.
As someone above stated its not AI its scripting, sound files and animations. But they are good in this game and contribute to a more believable realistic environment.

mogwaii1388d ago

At first these scripted events are cool but after hacking the same conversation, hearing the same rap, seeing the guy play soccer and the drunk scenario for the 20th time it starts to become boring and you see that it is just another game.

StrawberryDiesel4201388d ago

And GTA 5 is that much different/better am I right? Playing as Trevor as an offshoreman moving large crates around was an absolute blast! Loved that mission! /s

objdadon1388d ago

Well it's a game, not real life so that's to be expected. The ai in this game is way better than gta though, for sure!

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