Is Mario Kart 8 the Wii U’s Savior?

Just a couple of weeks ago, Iwata told analysts that “The fate of a video game system is often influenced greatly by the introduction of a single title.” Even at this early stage, it’s starting to look like Mario Kart could be that title for the Wii U.

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admiralvic1506d ago

Like many have said, Mario Kart 8 was most likely one of the games people have been waiting on and will probably turn the system around IF Nintendo can keep up the momentum. Right now they have Super Smash Bros. and to a far lesser extent Hyrule Musou and Bayonetta 2 to fall back on, but they really need to bring some heat to E3 if they want this to last.

As I keep pointing out, one title is not enough to turn the system around (the Wii U has a lot of other great titles besides MK8 to push people). Nintendo is going to have to show people the investment is worth it going forward, which is going to require things like Zelda / Metroid / etc to keep it going.

YoungPlex1506d ago

Those are some reasonable points. I don't know if it's enough to save the Wii U but I will say that MK7 in combination with a pricedrop and SM3DL helped the 3DS get on the right track. I really think that MK8 should've been the priority over SM3DW and launched back then, even though it is a great 3D Mario more people seem to gravitate to MK series. I mean it really helped the 3DS out so why not the Wii U but then again that's a handheld and this is a console so who knows...

All I know is that I'm loving MK8 even though MK7 is great for on the go at work, MK8 is much more balanced, a much more graphically intensive experience, and more appealing to me, I love it! The amount of detail and solid gameplay make it a must have for anyone interested in the Wii U or anyone on the ropes in getting one.

Geobros1506d ago

Wow!!! First in Amazon sales....:o

fatneal1506d ago

mario kart 8 isnt the savior but it is the first killer app and has sparked new and old interest in wiiU...also id question why wiiu needs saving...its doing alright in my opinion

N4g_null1506d ago

The wiiu doesn't need saving. It's just the ps4 got a lot of unwarranted support due to hype and negative media trends for ms and Nintendo.

If we believed the internet and media the ps4 should be at 10 million by now. The owners of that system should be singing praise for their exclusive games. Yet you just get this disillusion from the endless hype. People bought this console for its incredible power which seems to equal an almost unnoticeable upgrade from the other so called powerful system.

Basically sony needs to stop relying on power and rely on game play. If they are going to make stories then they must go up against Hollywood and win us over.

The uhd race has officially begun. There is no way the ps4 can compete with it.

Or maybe those console owners will just keep buying what ever comes out on the ps4?

What is odd is the lead is a few million. Yet people act the wiiu has stopped selling.

fatneal1506d ago

very good points...the media has been very weird about everything game related when it comes to nintendo...if you compared nintendos game selection within the launch window to sony and MS current lineup nintendo blows them out the water yet people on ign and n4g ect. write articles speaking on how to save wiiU...theres always news about sony losing money and not profiting enough off their gaming division and MS has plenty rumors of their own but nintendo is doomed?...I JUST DONT GET IT...the review scores are great metacritic scores great but somehow nintendo doesnt have games and is going the way of sega and is too kiddie?...huh?

its funny kingdom hearts 3 is arguably the most anticipated game of 2015 yet everyone hates nintendo and their offerings...its all a tasteless joke

randomass1711506d ago

Savior or not, MK8 gave Wii U momentum. Now Nintendo needs to keep that ball a-rollin'.

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I'd say the attach rates of the majority of systems prove that no one ever sticks with one game forever.

It takes several great games to save ANY system.

But here's the key; for most people to be convinced into buying a system so that they will buy all of those OTHER games that are interesting but not a reason to buy the system in and of themselves, usually, it takes what I refer to as a "main game".
A game that makes them think "I WANT THAT!", which in turn makes them look into other games on said systems.(the only exception to this is when a system itself is advertised in a way that generates hype, so that people buy in on hype instead of on starting library. Like the PS4.)

Thankfully, Nintendo has quite a few main games, so if they get the advertising right to generate hype, the Wii U's momentum will certainly continue to grow stronger and stronger.

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