At a Glance: The Order 1886

In shadow and fog, what we once knew has been irrevocably altered; regressed and progressed by humanity’s unpredictable ability to adapt. Centuries ago, humankind began to diverge. To change. While many emerged from this crucible unscathed, there were those unlucky few who transformed into something…. fearful. Something neither beast nor man. And in time these “half-breeds” began began to wage war on the rest of humanity. These creatures tormented and brought ruin to the mortal world. And for a moment, in that brief hour of darkest thought, humankind was pushed the brink of extinction.

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deazybanga1325d ago

The order 1886 will be legendary .Sony has the best first party studios,They work hard so we can play harder...THE BEST IS YET TO COME

disKinected1325d ago

Can't wait for this beauty to release.
C'mon Sony, buy RAD quickly.

caseh1325d ago

What's the point in showing this now, it's gonna be over a year before it releases. I could understand the interest when it was a few months but really...

Evilsnuggle1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

caseh @

Where did you learn to add ?The Order 1886 is being released in the Q1 of the year. That is not a year from now it a lot less.

The Order graphics are amazing . I'm finally actually excited about next gen because of the graphic of the Order. can't wait to see more from next gen.

incendy351325d ago

A scripted game with QTE, what's not to like! Reminds me a lot of Ryse which I loved.