E3 2014 - Sony Showcase Predictions

After last year's stonking press conference, Sony are going to have to pull out all the stops to impress gamers this year. With the PS4 being a huge success, commercially at least, Lumilounge predict what Sony will be showing and what gamers will be salivating over in the next couple of weeks!

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Madderz1327d ago



XiSasukeUchiha1327d ago

OMG on a godly level that's my prediction for Sony's E3!

Lucreto1327d ago

I expect a branding like the platinum range for the PS4 definitive edition games

I am guessing Beyond Two Souls, Uncharted Collection, Puppeteer, Grand Turismo God of War Ascension.

TheLumilounge1327d ago

Ooo, nice idea!

I reckon an Uncharted collection would be pretty awesome, maybe a retouched InFamous collection too. Personally though, I'd rather see some new IPs but with The Last Of Us Remastered coming out, I imagine Sony will want to rerelease some great PS3 for sales and money!

Lucreto1327d ago

They don't even have to show any gameplay. They can just show the titles crossing the screen and talk about them on the blog.

Protagonist1327d ago

I´m expecting some heavy hitters for the PS Vita.

Antnee5341327d ago

I will be hoping for some to, but sadly we should not get our hopes up.

Protagonist1326d ago

I love the E3 Sony show nevertheless.