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CCC Says: "Do you know how many versions of Street Fighter IV we have gone through? There was the original, the home update, Super Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Version 2012. Then there were all the mini-updates including the release of the first PC edition, the “Championship Mode” expansion, the 3DS versions, the mobile versions and more. So, including Ultra Street Fighter IV and depending on how you count these versions, we have seen as few as five up to around 20 versions of this iconic fighting game. Have we had enough?"

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Sitdown1476d ago

This feels like a rushed review just to get something on the books.

josephayal1475d ago

imo USF4 is the best fighting game ever, I don't really care about any other fighting games,any. good job capcom

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1475d ago

I don't see the point of reviewing a game now that's 5 years old. This is just some weak update that copies a lot of SFxTK stuff into the game and they're charging people for the same game again.

Meanwhile they could've been making SF5 and if they don't have the funds to do it then they should sell the franchise to someone who can instead of milking SF4 constantly.

Deadpoolio1475d ago

All I read in that was boo hoo boo hoo I have to pay $14.99 for a pretty substantial update that also includes 4 new characters to boot....Or were you not aware you aren't forced to purchase a new game.

Malphite1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I agree. It's kinda funny that definitive editions are generally accepted when they offer a higher resolution/framerate. When a game gets a substantial update in terms of gameplay it gets called a rip-off even though it costs just a fraction of the prior.

PS3gamer4life1475d ago

Sf3 is where its at real fighters

Knushwood Butt1475d ago

I'll probably pick this up because I patiently waited and skipped on all of the other update versions, knowing this would come.

I doubt they could milk SF4 after this, but who knows where Capcom will draw the line.