Experience Deep Space Horror In Our Caffeine Playthrough

Greg Micek writes : "Caffeine is an interesting take on a psychological horror game utilizing exploration from a child’s perspective. Different emotions are stirred up; if not even a completely different mindset once players acknowledge this. The player is vulnerable and very exposed without much protection or light sources to guide them along. It’s all relying on the exploration to figure out what’s going on. A combination of suspense and uncertainty, lore, and puzzle solving will potentially capture the attention of players and keep them captivated for the entirety of gameplay."

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Ashunderfire861507d ago

Remind me of a poor man's version of Alien Isolation. I am guessing the character is a midget?

JackOfAllBlades1507d ago

I thought of Mr. Caffeine, the horror of E3

Tsar4ever011503d ago

Jeezz, That's what I thought also. Why the character your controlling so LOW to the ground?

cellmember1507d ago

doesn't look good atall. doesnt really look like a game yet.Looks more like a unreal map with a few scripting triggers.