Obama Mentions "The Witcher" During Trip to Poland

US president Barack Obama says CD Projekt Red's creative output is a "great example" of how Poland contributes to the global economy.

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Christopher1172d ago

CD Projekt Red is one of the greatest examples of a company that understands the economy of gamers. They promote non-DRM. They promote giving you the full game without selling bits and pieces as DLC. And, on top of that, they make great games.

JackOfAllBlades1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Nice, whoever wrote his speech must be a gamer, maybe even him.edit: Lol, that's my bad, that's what I get for comment before reading fully. Apologies Obama

Palitera1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Two of the very few big companies that rarely (or never?) make a move against gamers: From Software and CD Projekt Red.

Not only for the quality of their product, but also for their attitude, that's why I support them as much as I can.

Skate-AK1172d ago

From Software just made a move against gamers, they aren't saints. Complete false advertisement over the new lighting engine. It looked so good in videos and pictures. Then all the sudden they take it out and launch the game and say" sorry the game couldn't handle it. Why was the lighting still in the beta then? Why keep advertising like it is a major feature? The lighting was a main marketing point and then they didn't deliver. Lost some respect for them over that.

Palitera1172d ago

Which version did you play?

XiNarutoUzumaki1172d ago

I agree, and I'm happy The Witcher 3 is being developed for PS4 as well. I wish Part 1 and 2 were though

Kevlar0091172d ago

Reminds me a lot of Nintendo, and there are others as well. A true gem for the industry

Magicite1172d ago

even Obama knows about witcher, thats something!

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Mike_D821172d ago

Looks like video games isn't the only thing he's bad at....throw running a country in there too Barack, you worthless weak excuse for a prez.

kevinsheeks1172d ago

hey hey this is no place for that you can diss his gaming skills but thats it buddy :P

SnakePlissken1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

He's worse than the prez in escape from ny! Total car salesman!

iceman061172d ago

As if Congress has NOTHING AT ALL to do with it!??!

TheDevKit1172d ago

How about if he makes a good choice, you support him?

fenome1172d ago

This isn't the place for politics, but Bush and Reagan say hi

Bigpappy1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

He won twice by huge margins. did everything he promised to against Alkida. The economy is way better that when Bush left.

Don't repeat everything your parents say. They are sometimes wrong.

Who do you want to fight next: Russia; Iran...? Grab you gun and hop on a plane. I will help raise the money to send you off. Good luck.

torchic1172d ago

from the outside looking in he seems to be a good president being weighed down by old-fashioned, narrow-minded Republicans

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solar1172d ago

Great. The kiss of failure from Obama 😭