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GR: It's only natural to feel conflicted about Ultra Street Fighter IV. On one hand, this third major update to the series that began in Japanese arcades in 2008 is by and large a value buy. For merely $15, the digital upgrade includes more than enough new characters, stages, and gameplay enhancements to justify the price. The game's multiple tweaks to the combat system have already placed the pro fighting community on edge in anticipation.

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dbjj120881422d ago

Big update, but I'm not a hardcore fighting fan so I'll probably pass.

insertcoin1422d ago

It's best Street Fighter IV around but it's been like six years already. Give us a new Street Fighter at that point...

knifefight1421d ago

So excited to watch this at EVO. Justin Wong taking Elena all the way through UFGT was one of my highlights of the entire summer circuit so far.