GAME: The Last of Us: Remastered June 13 Release Date is Fake, says "Misprint, Apologises Everyone"

The Last of Us: Remastered release date are FAKE. Retailer GAME has Apology on Twitter and stated that they will update fans with correct release dat

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Neonridr1357d ago

so just because they apologize means that it's fake? What if they are just trying to cover their a$$es. If it was in fact the date, I am pretty sure they wouldn't say "you got us, we slipped up, yep it's coming on the 13th."

they would deny, deny, deny.

sam_job1357d ago

they says: they will update when correct date is announced

Neonridr1357d ago

Still could end up being the 13th. I'm totally with everyone, I doubt it will end up releasing that day, but if they did let it slip, they wouldn't own up to it because Sony would be pissed at them.

I hope the game releases sooner than later though.

headwing451357d ago

Agreed, when the Batman delay leaked a couple months back, DC confirmed it false, companies lie all the time to cover there asses.

Si-Fly1357d ago

They 'say' not says ... Guess English isn't your first language?

Rickgrimes951357d ago

He never said it was fake

Neonridr1357d ago

I was referring to the title of this article.

Rickgrimes951357d ago

Sorry I didn't even read your comment I was just making a statement

ifistbrowni1357d ago

I always had a feeling sony would pull a "The Last of Us on ps4 available next week" at their E3 press conference. I'm not exactly crapping in my pants just yet, but i am so badly hoping that my wish becomes true.

The Last of Us is the exact multiplayer shooter i need to time-kill over summer (waiting for Destiny and NHL) with all my friends that didn't have ps3.

uth111357d ago

They did originally say this game would be released in June.

Then they changed it to August, who knows?

Kurisu1357d ago

Not long until we know for sure, E3 is ALMOST here but people are so impatient haha

The_Klank1357d ago

From Sony (in part): "As we’ve announced, The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 will release this summer... The release date is not June 13th."

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The story is too old to be commented.