Sony Santa Monica Working on a Very Exciting Unannounced Game According to Play Magazine

After the cancellation of the new IP led by Stig Asmussen, Sony Santa Monica’s plans have been shrouded by mystery. According to the latest issue of the prominent British magazine Play Magazine, they have something up their sleeve.

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LOGICWINS1328d ago

Damn, how many unannouced games does Sony have?

Majin-vegeta1328d ago

More than enough to break your bank account and wallet xD.

OT:Cant wait to see what they're working on.

xHeavYx1328d ago

I hope it's something not related to GOW, but I do want to see a new GOW game shown at E3.
Funny this morning I was thinking that SSM has been pretty quiet

Eonjay1328d ago

They just have so many studios and most of those studios have several different teams.

guitarded771327d ago

Of course I hope for GoW and a new (rumored) IP. But I hope they're making a Journey port to the PS4. They git Flower and fLow to the PS4... Journey would be so awesome to replay with a graphics upgrade.

Phatty1328d ago

If I see GOW at E3 I am buying a PS4 that day...

SanMarco1328d ago

That'll be leaked in a few hours time.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1327d ago

Lol that's what I did when they showed me GOW III. It's one of the only games (halo, GOW) that persuade me to purchase a system just for it. haha or it's my excuse to myself ;) to justify it

JoGam1328d ago

Who knows, They're unannounced.

XiSasukeUchiha1328d ago

Over 9000!!!!!!

bro that's how many!

zeuanimals1328d ago

DBZ reference from Sasuke? For shame!

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1327d ago

How dare you quote me, a prince of an Ancient race. Humans SMH.

OT: SSM is a huge studio they have a lot of projects.

Disagree1327d ago

everytime I read one of your comments I lose brain cells.

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Am-No-Hero1328d ago

Games .. Games Everywhere

MrSec841328d ago

Well Sony has 14 studios (including the new one Pixel Opus), a lot of those devs have enough staff to be making more than one game at once & we know of Uncharted, that Polyphony are working on a GT game for PS4, Driveclub & the AAA games that have already released.

Sony could quite literally have dozens of 1st party games in the works.
Then there are 2nd & 3rd party partners.

Sony must have tonnes of unannounced surprises in the works.

hellzsupernova1327d ago

Reading up on Pixel Opus im guessing they are going to start on a smaller title or Vita game. Really interested to see Sony expanding you wouldnt think they could afford to according to xbot fanboys

torchic1327d ago

let's not forget all the studios & teams who worked on PS3 games in 2013

Theantidote6191327d ago

Twitch leaked the schedule supposedly and it had about 11 unannounced games + whatever is announced during Microsoft-Sony-nintendo a conference. I'm ok with that.

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Rockefellow1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Of course they're working on something, and with their track record, it's bound to be a phenomenal game. What, did you expect them to be sitting around, staring at the walls of their office for 8 hours a day?

I've been holding out hope for something from Santa Monica at E3, as well as another re-reveal of Shadow of the Beast. The olinitial trailer was pretty impressive, but we haven't heard a word yet and everyone seems to have forgotten the game.

uth111328d ago

I was just wondering what happened to "Shadow of the Beast" the other day.

SniperControl1327d ago

SotB would be immense, i loved the Amiga version.

hellzsupernova1327d ago

"developed by Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs"

Im sure you will hear about it soon

Rockefellow1327d ago

May I ask why you say that? Did they go bankrupt or something?

hellzsupernova1326d ago

That is who is developing shadow of the beast.

Rockefellow1326d ago

Yeah...I figured that part out, thanks. I just don't understand why you'd insinuate that we'll hear about it soon after quoting who the developer is. Why would you tell us who is developing it if it has no relevance to more information coming out?

That's like a guy asking about The Last Guardian and someone saying "developed by Team ico. I'm sure you'll hear more about it soon."

...okay, that's nice, but that really doesn't mean anything.

hellzsupernova1326d ago

Sorry I just thought you were saying that Sony Santa Monica was developing it but i misread your original comment.

You really are passive aggressive about all this

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Linzoid1328d ago

Hopefully a Warhawk announcement

Moe-Gunz1328d ago

If Warhawk is announced for the PS4 I will slap someone in the streets out of excitement.

ZodTheRipper1328d ago

I would actually understand that lol

A next gen Warhawk is very high on the megaton scale.

Fishermenofwar1328d ago

I hope you get your wish... :)

Nine_Thousaaandd1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )


I would love to see a new Warhawk, running on PS4...tears of joy!

Major_Glitch1328d ago

ROFL! I would actually pay to see that. And yes, I would kill for a next-gen Warhawk. That and a next gen Tenchu. TENCHU!!!

jspsc1231327d ago

they are going with starhawk 2 instead lol

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BitbyDeath1327d ago

Dylan Jobe wants to make a new Warhawk but he needs money. Hopefully Sony will fund him.

We need a #Warhawk4PS4 tweet to go viral.

Spotie1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )


Dark111328d ago

Can't wait for a new GOW.