Terraria Coming to Xbox One/PS4

One of the coolest world-building games of the past few years has been Terraria. Not only has it emerged from the shadow of Minecraft, but is still being updated and has a thriving community. Fans of this game will no doubt be thrilled to hear that it's coming to PS4 and Xbox One."

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Applejack1416d ago

Nice, I played it on my ps3 and it's a fun game. Will also be downloading it on my ps4 along with the vita version.

Palitera1416d ago

Hm... Thanks, but no. Bought it on PS3 and loved it, but there's no reason to get it for PS4. Uncontrollable gimmicks on the touchpad are not enough for me to buy it again.

Just give me Starbound. =P

saber000051416d ago

I like those games on just PC. I think a controller would make it a little too difficult.

iRocket1416d ago

Nice to have this awesome game available for more people :)

XiSasukeUchiha1416d ago

Nice, I'm kinda of happy that this game is coming to next-gen!

jmac531416d ago

It's free on Vita right now with PS + so I am assuming it's crossbuy and will be free on PS4 for me when it releases.

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