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Terraria Coming to Xbox One/PS4

One of the coolest world-building games of the past few years has been Terraria. Not only has it emerged from the shadow of Minecraft, but is still being updated and has a thriving community. Fans of this game will no doubt be thrilled to hear that it's coming to PS4 and Xbox One." (PS Vita, PS4, Terraria, Xbox One)

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Applejack  +   454d ago
Nice, I played it on my ps3 and it's a fun game. Will also be downloading it on my ps4 along with the vita version.
Palitera  +   454d ago
Hm... Thanks, but no. Bought it on PS3 and loved it, but there's no reason to get it for PS4. Uncontrollable gimmicks on the touchpad are not enough for me to buy it again.

Just give me Starbound. =P
saber00005  +   454d ago
I like those games on just PC. I think a controller would make it a little too difficult.
iRocket  +   454d ago
Nice to have this awesome game available for more people :)
XiSasukeUchiha  +   454d ago
Nice, I'm kinda of happy that this game is coming to next-gen!
jmac53  +   454d ago
It's free on Vita right now with PS + so I am assuming it's crossbuy and will be free on PS4 for me when it releases.
Rockefellow  +   454d ago
If it's cross-buy or discounted for people who already own it, then count me in. I've spent countless hours in Terraria on both PC and PS3, but I didn't feel like it was worth the money to re-buy it on Vita, and I don't think I could pay full price again on PS4. Really excited for the PS+ Terraria release, though, if only so more skeptical people can try it out and see why it's so great.

It'd be nice to have on installed on PS4, but I can just wait for Starbound. I am interested to see what these "new features" are they're touting, though. It's confirmed to have all the latest content, so I wonder what else they could put in?
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ThanatosDMC  +   454d ago
Yeah, I hope it's cross buy.
Gamer666  +   454d ago
Yet another recycled game rather than a next gen game...

Tell me why I bought all the next gen consoles?

So I can play the same games (good in this case) all over again...

I think not...
Rockefellow  +   454d ago
Feel free to shut your trap and play any of the new experiences coming out on the next-gen consoles, then. I sincerely doubt anyone is holding a gun to your head, forcing you to download all of the games available on your new systems that you've previously played or have no interest in.

There was a time when having the option to play a wide variety of games was a good thing. You know, like people who might be coming into the console scene for the first time; people who never owned a PlayStation/Xbox product before; people who may have missed out on games released last generation, so they're giving it a go now. It's a nice OPTION for those types of people. As you say, Terraria is a good game, so why not be happy for those who might be able to experience it for the first time?

For people who bought the systems for the new, stunning releases? Well, those have been trickling out same as they ever were on past consoles, but it takes time for them to release. Your problem was adopting a console early, not "playing the same games all over again." I guarantee you that these indie games and ports are not holding back the production of the AAA blockbusters in the making.
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Gamer666  +   454d ago
I have all the next gen experiences so I am playing everything. There is a lack of new content even by previous generation standards.

Also, your argument about new players has a massive fail... How many people are willing to shell out $400 to play a console for their first time not knowing whether they will like it or not (not to mention picking up a few games too)? When the consoles are $200 people will take a chance on their first console, but at $400 first timers are few and far between.

I didn't say that recycled games are holding back new content, it just is disheartening paying over $1,000 in the promise of a new generation and see a whack of recycled games and very little new content.

So, let me get this straight... I bought over 2,500 games for my 360, 150 for my Wii, and over 500 for my PS3... And you are telling me the target market for new consoles is the n00bs that don't have one yet? I would've thought Sony, MS, and Nintendo would want people like me to continue their purchasing.... Hmmmm... I guess I know nothing about marketing...

You should probably keep your trap shut for a while until you figure out a reasonable and sound argument to support the BS that is coming out of your keyboard.
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Rockefellow  +   453d ago
Sure... A lack of content even compared to previous generations, despite the fact that more games have released at this point in time for the PS4 and X1 than their predecessors had in the same amount of time... and plenty of those games are brand-new experiences, to boot.

Your incessant bragging over your purchases makes you look arrogant and imbecilic. Of course Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo want customers like you that (claim to) have made such huge purchases, but guess what? You already sunk your foot into the much and (allegedly) bought all the next-gen consoles, and apparently a fair amount of games, so they have you right where they want you, despite your puerile whining. You're a clueless fool.

Yes, the demographics that mega-companies are targeting are the newcomers, assuredly. Are you that thick? You think they're worried about people like you who are guaranteed to go out and buy their products anyway by their own admission? They want to hook new people with new bank accounts to drain, not worry about appeasing those already in their pockets-- it's as simple as that. They're companies. They want new customers to buy new PS+ and Gold accounts and bolster day-one game sales. Despite your maddening crying about not having enough games to play, you still spend, spend, spend. It's a good thing someone as daft as you doesn't know anything about marketing. Stupidity at its finest, really. I don't know why I'm bothering to reply to you.
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EyLuis  +   454d ago
Can't wait to get it on my Xbox One! (Seriously though I'm the first to say this?)

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