Who Watches The Watchmen? Watch_Dogs Review I Hey Poor Player

Hey Poor Player's Burt Hopkins write- "Everything is connected. That’s the theme of Ubisoft’s newest release, Watch_Dogs. The game centers around a man with a criminal past on a path of revenge. It sounds like every game released from GTA 3 up – but Watch_Dogs is definitely it’s own game."

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bienio1385d ago

An excellent game and worth buying for me as far GOTY...👍

starchild1385d ago

I'm glad I got it. I'm having a lot of fun . There's so much to see and do in this game and the stealth mechanics are awesome.

StrawberryDiesel4201385d ago

Amazing game, the world really feels alive and there is a lot to do and explore. I have fun just wandering around, haven't felt that way with an open world game since Red Dead.