Xbox Footie Show Every Street United Gets Trailer, Premiere Set for June 15th

J Station X writes,

"Call it a quick grab for cash in the face of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, call it a gripping insight into a world of sports that none of us have ever seen before or call it a foot-to-ball docu-thing (ok, maybe don’t call it that last one) but upcoming Xbox football/soccer show Every Street United is set to be the first test of Microsoft’s Xbox Originals project which is set to bring original TV programming to Xbox One and Xbox 360.

As the first in a long and (potentially) illustrious list of Xbox Originals, all eyes will be on the new show like the gaze of an 80,000 strong crowd on the penalty kick decider. But will it score with ease or punt it over the crossbar? Find out after the break."

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Christopher1503d ago

It's Microsoft aiming for the Euro market. Plain and simple.

It's also called smart business.

Eonjay1503d ago

I agree they need to take actions now to attract more Europeans. I assume the brand will be fine in the US but Europe makes up a huge amount of the total market and they can't afford to continue this disparity in sales if they are really in it to win it.

On a side note I think its really awesome that gaming is so global.

4Sh0w1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Cool, nice vid. I hope the tv series has depth, which imo it all depends on whether or not these "street" charachters are talented and interesting but uhm, if their just some uninteresting guys looking for fame, it will probably get old fast. Good idea though things like this just build diversity on the platform which I really like.