Media Molecule Confirms it Has No Announcements for E3 2014, “A Lot to Be Excited About”

CraveOnline: "Media Molecule is apparently not ready to show what it's been working on. They took to Twitter this morning to share that they won't be at E3 2014 despite many forecasting that they would have a huge bombshell to drop at the show, perhaps even virtual reality related."

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JohnathanACE1329d ago

Well that's a little disappointing, was really hoping to see their new IP.

nicksetzer11328d ago

There is no question it will be worth the wait. I am sure there will be other titles that take us by surprise in the meantime.

jtsventor1328d ago

I'm also a bit disappointed because that's one less reveal I thought I'd see at E3. On a positive note, if MM won't, someone else will and that's what I'll be looking forward to.

aceitman1329d ago

Gamescom. They need to show stuff there.

Palitera1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Announcement delayed? :D

Joking, but whatever, that recent leak* by DualShockers is now confirmed to be fake (not that anyone actually believed in it anyway).

"The info reported below is awfully detailed, which is one of the reasons why we decided to publish it, but we were also able to confirm part of it with a second source.
Media Molecule’s new title will be a landmark title for Morpheus. 3D world building, beautiful, quirky visuals.Extremely creative and fun. Possibly related to the ”Entwined” trademark filed last week by SCE (not sure). Late 2015."

Well, the MM game was "double confirmed" by DS.

On the other hand, good job with the fake news DS. Probably generated a lot of ad revenue, huh?

Nice job, "journalist". Nice job...

Destrania1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

So because MM and Sony are choosing to announce their new game at another venue other than E3, all of a sudden any possible information leaked about it is a lie?

Destrania1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Hoepfully at Gamescom. Sony can't reveal absolutely everything they have at one single event, even though I'd like them to haha. They have to stretegically space out some stuff to keep the hype going.

GameDev11328d ago

They do actually have some stuff to show later. They actually tweeted that during this announcement. But this article just left that out

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Kayant1329d ago

Gamescom it is then can't blow their load all it E3 but disappointing this.

AngelicIceDiamond1329d ago

I was just about to mention Gamescom. Hopefully they show up and make a big splash there.

-Foxtrot1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Really? For the love of god. Their last console game was LittleBigPlanet 2 and that was in 2011, your telling me they aren't ready to show off at least a teaser to lead into Gamescom

I would be really ticked off if Sonys E3 is lacking when they've known for months that MS was going to go all out this E3.

AngelicIceDiamond1329d ago

Sounds like there project Morpheus game is heavily under way.

I would like to see a teaser or something from these guys maybe they should just focus on a regular platform gaming.

I've expressed how I felt about secondary gaming or "new ways of gaming" I believe MM should go ahead and make either a new Ip or LBP 3.

Imo Project Morpheus can wait they just need to release a regular AAA core game.

Just like @Fox said its been 3 years and that's to long.

-Foxtrot1329d ago

Well whatever it is, it better not just be for Project Morpheus.

I can appreciate what they are trying to do with VR, I really can but they shouldn't waste talented devs time making a game just for that instead of a fully developed PS4 title.

I mean I think the majority of us either want a new IP or Little Big Planet 3D

DonMingos1328d ago

Have you guys ever heard about Tearaway? it's a 2013 vita game, a preety good one in fact.

And it was made by... you've already guessed it. It was made by Media Molecule. So no, their last game didn't come out in 2011 and it wasn't LBP2

Lowsnamebrand1328d ago

Tearaway was their last game...

bellome1328d ago

And it was a reeeeeeally good game :)

Why o why1328d ago

Wasnt the kart racing made by them too. Never played tearaway

SuperBlur1328d ago

"Why o why" no it was made by the guys who did modnation

HugoDrax1328d ago


I heard of it, that was my first platinum trophy on my Vita :-), very good game that was made for the VITA. Hopefully they decide to do a sequel in the future.

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