Dark Souls 2 beaten in 20 minutes

Twitch.TV Speedrunner 'Distortion2' has managed to complete Dark Souls 2 in a whopping 20 minutes.

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Hellsvacancy1419d ago

Could you do this on consoles? glitch through walls etc, i'm not asking because I want to do it

Transporter471418d ago

Glitches tend to happen. You don't really get enjoyment out of doing this besides trying it just for the sake of trying. If you enjoy the game you wont use this glitch to beat it with your regular play through.

Master-H1418d ago

Lame, glitches and shit, plus you haven't beaten DS2 until you have killed Vendrick, the Dragon, and Dark Lurker imo.

Porcelain_Chicken1418d ago

Why the hell did you get disagrees???

Anyways agreed 90%, disagree with the bit about fecal matter.

rezzah1418d ago

Now lets see it done without the glitches.


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