E3 2014 Wish List: What We Hope to See

From Cinelinx:

Fellow gamers, it’s that wonderful time of year again, and the Entertainment Electronics Expo (E3) is finally upon us. In just a week’s time we’ll be sitting down and enjoying all big press conferences and shiny new trailers. It’s a lot of fun for both fans and industry guys like us and while certain announcements are expected, there are certain things everyone hopes to see revealed at the event. Inside, our gamers on staff break down they things they hope to see and cross off their wish lists!

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darklordzor1453d ago

Anything on the new Mass Effect game would be amazing, but I'm really pulling for a trailer. Would be a very nice addition.

JasonTheX1453d ago

I'm ready to hear a price reduction on the next gen systems.

darklordzor1451d ago

That would be pretty nice, but considering they're only about 6 months old, I'm doubting it'll happen.