Watch Dogs Breaks (More) Records

Gary Steinman writes: "Aiden Pearce has hacked his way into your hearts, and we can’t thank you enough. After breaking a Ubisoft record for first-day sales, Watch Dogs has just broken a few more. The game is now the best-selling new IP at launch across the entire videogame industry, with more than 4 million copies sold through in its first week. That also marks Watch Dogs as the best-selling game during week 1 for Ubisoft."

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MeLoveRamen1476d ago

I can guarantee that it is selling so well because of the draught. You release watch dogs in the fall when a lot of other next gen games are out, it wouldn't have sold as well.

Mustang300C20121476d ago

And? I mean seriously who gives a sh*t about what ifs? Draught or not it sold period.

TekoIie1476d ago

Not sure what your talking about. Transistor, Among The Sleep, The Forest and Wolfenstein recently released.

There is no drought.

MeLoveRamen1476d ago

Yes Tekolie recently released and transistor and wolfenstein released real close to watch dog and they were the first games in a couple of months that the ps4 and xbone has gotten. Sorry but there was a drought, i haven't turned on my ps4 since infamous and i beat that game in a week. The drought might be gone with the new releases of may but it was looking like the africa safari for a while.

TekoIie1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )


If you think the drought after the XBO/PS4's initial release continued to May your delusional.

It ended in February and since then we've had the following games release on Next Gen platforms:

Infamous: SS
MGS: Ground Zeroes
FFlV: A Realm Reborn
Bound By Flame
Watch Dogs

"Sorry but there was a drought, i haven't turned on my ps4 since infamous and i beat that game in a week."

YOU didnt turn on your PS4. Most others likely bought atleast 1 of the titles I listed. Not buying any news games by choice is not equivalent to there are no games releasing.

MeLoveRamen1476d ago

Tekolie, thanks for proving my point most of them games that you just listed released in middle to late may and all of them except infamous are and transistor are all cross gen garbo games. Try harder next time

TekoIie1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

"thanks for proving my point most of them games that you just listed released in middle to late may"

Theif (February 25th)
TitanFall (March 11th)
MGS: Ground Zeroes (March 18th)
Infamous (March 21st)
FFlV: A Realm Reborn (April 14th)
Octodad (April 22nd)

Dont worry most 8 year olds have trouble keeping track of dates as well. As you can see most released in March soooo....

"all of them except infamous are and transistor are all cross gen garbo games."

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theXtReMe11477d ago

Awesome. The game deserves it, it is total crack. Ive played 20 hours and have only finished two missions. I just love walking around, solving random crimes and watching the world go by.

The sign of a great game is a game that you think about the second you put the controller down from playing it and a game who's world follows you wherever you go. Seeing things in the real world that make you think about the same in the game world. That's exactly what this game does for me. The first one since Oblivion.

Thank you Ubisoft and everybody who worked on the game. For bringing my love of gaming back, through Aiden Pierces eyes.

MrChicagoWind1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

It's such a relevant game for the times! A lot of people are hating on the game, but I truly don't believe they've sat down and soaked half of what it has to offer. It doesn't have the best graphics, doesn't have the best story, nor does it have the biggest open world... But what it does have is innovation. Innovation that will mold this generation moving forward.

[Edit]: Haters gonna hate

killzone6191477d ago Show
mochachino1477d ago


100% agree, if you go on metacritic and view the ps4 reviews half of them admit to having the game on PC and being frustrated with the performance. They didn't even get a console version, just down rated it everywhere to vent.

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Hydrolex1477d ago

I really enjoyed the story... once I was done tho, I stopped playing

Christopher1477d ago

I don't hate the game, but I also think the game is not worthy of what it has achieved. There are a lot of steps backwards in Watch Dogs when us gamers deserve nothing but steps forward.

Supporter1476d ago

I personally feel the graphics in this game are top notch. 5

Coming from a technical standpoint they certainly are.

You guys must not like the Art style which can look a little flat at times.

I find the city to be packed to the brim with geometry advanced shaders post processing and lighting.

It all looks fantastic to me. But I really do have a background in the graphical side of things.

I also think the game is TOTALLY RELEVANT to the times. I think this is getting a lot of people asking important questions about their info.

Not that they worry some guy with a phone is gonna blow up steam pipes. but that all the info they send out over the net can and is likely profitable if intercepted.

:D I love this game

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tee_bag2421476d ago

Agree'd. This game is absolute crack. I've been playing it on PC and having a blast.

n4gamingm1477d ago

cant wait to pick it up friday. Sequel confirmed :)

No_Limit1477d ago

What system are you getting it for as I can't tell from your split avatar? :-)

BobbytheBuilder1477d ago

wow, and they predicted a lifetime of 6.3? thats insanely good. Congrats.

xtremexx1477d ago

6.3 what? if its 6.3 years i doubt it since they will definitely be bringing out a sequel before those years are up.

snookiegamer1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or Durh...oh nvm.

Anyway, 6.3 million units.

imt5581477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Ubisoft expects Watch Dogs to sell more than 6.2 million units :

Anyway, i presume that PS4 version have sold a ton. For now, ~50% of all sales are the PS4 version.

PS4 (49%)
Xbox One (27%)
Xbox 360 (13%)
PS3 (9%)

Waiting for NPD results for US market.

SuperBlunt1477d ago

theyre gonna pass that next week lol

pompombrum1477d ago

This is fantastic news. Hopefully it will encourage other developers/publishers to make new IPs and shows that with the right ideas, they can enjoy a lot of success.

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