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Excerpt: "Reflecting on Wolfenstein: The New Order is not something I thought I'd do. MachineGames has made me care within the confines of a first-person shooter. It has elicited feelings of sadness, happiness, and everything in-between with the 12-15 hours the game has to offer. Everything from the tight gunplay, the wonderful score, the great characters, and the fictitious alternate timeline is nothing but fascinating from start to finish."

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kodiak404_1328d ago

The attention to detail is what wows. You see the guy you switched uniforms with that had his girlfriend in the other block dead with his girlfriend next to him in the level where they raid the hideout. You would think that he was a character plugged in to move the story, but they brought him back hours later and humanized him more than I've ever seen any other AAA game give life to their characters in a while. Machine Games cared for their creations and you can tell.

Ocsta1328d ago

Agreed. Awesome, awesome game. Well done Machinegames :)

dmonee1328d ago

Out of all the reviews ive read about this game, this article has convinced me to purchase this game

HawkSE1328d ago

That means a lot to me, thank you.

likeaboss3021328d ago

I really enjoyed this game. It's amazing what they did given the limitations of having to use the id Tech 5 engine.

DefenderOfDoom21328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

DLC! DLC! DLC! DLC! I hope they announce some DLC for WOLENSTIEN NEW ORDER soon!!