State of Gaming 2014: PC Gaming Is On The Rise

Deal News has posted an article that points to a rise in PC gaming in 2014. The article shows how despite strong console sale, PC Gaming is not going away.

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Christopher1363d ago

Do we really need these every few months? Consoles aren't going anywhere. PCs aren't going anywhere. Tablets aren't going anywhere. They're all existing and thriving in the market.

Garethvk1363d ago

I would say that a system that many touted as done making a strong statement for itself would be newsworthy and they have plenty of facts to back it up.

Christopher1363d ago

Many of what? Crazy people on the Internet who don't matter and aren't professionals? I've seen people say that Nazi Germany is returning to power. Do I need to write an opinion on why that isn't going to happen?

The fact is, no one in their right mind or worth at least listening to has said anything like this. No one.

Somebody1362d ago

Tell that to the "PC gaming is dying" campaign that everyone, console fans and journalists, participated during the 360 and PS3 days of glory. There was an endless wave of articles comparing PC and consoles, usually highlighting why PC gaming is dead, during that dark time.

Console fans and some journalists that fan that campaign might want everyone else to forget about their little dark deed but NO! We're not going to let you get away with it that easily. That campaign lasted not in mere weeks or months but it ran for years and it did have a big impact on PC gaming.

If there's a million articles about the PC is dead, then naturally there should be a million counter-articles that follow. There weren't that many articles to counter that campaign back then but now there is enough data and statistics to support them.

Just like how PC gamers have to sit through those dark years, console gamers now have to sit through and be reminded of their participation during those dark years. Ironically, it was the media that got both sides in this mess.

AD7051362d ago

PC gaming is thriving, console gaming is thriving, handhelds are thriving, online services like steam, psn, and Xbl are thriving. Everything is thriving and in good shape. To say one is dying is ridiculous.

Grave1362d ago

5760 x 1080/1200 ftw.

Volkama1362d ago

I still don't get how people put up with the borders between screens. Standard 3820x2160 does it for me, or whatever 4k is.

Do you just stop seeing the lines when you play?

Grave1362d ago

Ya I had the same worries too, but yes, when you are playing you barely even noticed they are there. Your brain is so busy processing all the other information that they seem to disappear.

bienio1362d ago

Yeahh go on Pc😉 btw good news for Pc players like me:)

Garethvk1362d ago

Titanfall in 4k. Drops the microphone.