Why Mario Kart Keeps Bringing Us Back

Do you think racing around with an overweight plumber and a bunch of turtles never gets old? Join Gamemoir's Nick D. as he explains where Mario Kart’s absurd staying power comes from.

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Applejack1389d ago

It brings fans back because it's simply fun to play with all their friends. I've been playing it since the 64 era and still love it til this day.

Moonman1389d ago

Replay value is sky high, no two races feel the exact same, so many details in gameplay and it's fun as heck...oh and the secret Nintendo sauce. ;p

choujij1388d ago

So much fun online. I'm so addicted, I haven't even touched my Watch_Dogs since.

Well done, Nintendo. Well done.

BattleN1388d ago

What is your avatar doing to Kirby haha!
Agreed MK 8 is a blast of fun online even when it pisses u off, you dust off and try it again!

choujij1387d ago

lol It's Gabe from Penny-Arcade trying to ride Kirby. It's from a comic they put up and I thought it was funny so I cropped it and used that part for my avatar.

BattleN1387d ago

Haha ok thanks for clarifying!