Luigi’s Death Stare Sold Me On A Wii U

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

I have to admit, I haven’t seen the appeal of Nintendo’s consoles ever since the Gamecube cropped back in 2001. I loved that console, and played through Wind Waker countless times. Then the Wii came out and I didn’t like the whole “motion control” gimmick that was going on, or how dumb the games were looking so I moved on to get an Xbox 360 which has been my main source of gaming since 2007.

Then the WiiU came out and I was initially interested, mainly do to ZombiU but my interest quickly dropped off when once again the games just didn’t look appealing, or enjoyable at all to me. The HD remake of Wind Waker obviously caught my eye, but I didn’t see any reason to buy this console just for Wind Waker, and ZombiU.

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good game and getting a free game with is is insane

BattleN1477d ago

I was surprised when I checked my digital rewards I now have $10 eshop credit. So sweet, make sure to check yours too!

Dailight1477d ago

Bahaha, I will never look at the slow mo clips the same. Love it.

solboogie1477d ago

haha my entire family is cracken up to luigi riden dirty death stare! This weeks check we all gonna be riden dirty in my house! cant wait! someone needs to put 2pacs verse " I wont deny it im'a straight rida should of never f#*$! with me" to luigis death stare!

Visiblemarc1477d ago

Is hilarious. I *love* it.

Fizzgig1477d ago

He could use a pro controller if he doesn't like the tablet/pad.

Summons751477d ago

The gamepad is pretty awesome for this game. Using the pro controller makes you lose the map which I and a lot of people find important.

-Foxtrot1477d ago

What? You can't switch the map onto the screen if you use a different controller input.

What's up with the that. It would be a quick thing to add to the options.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1477d ago

uh just have it next to you
that what I do

randomass1711477d ago

My friend's gamepad is setup right in front of his TV so he can have the map next to the main screen DS style while using the Pro controller. It's actually pretty handy!

Concertoine1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

@foxtrot and summons

You can. Im not sure how though, its really finicky. Sometimes it works for me sometimes it doesnt. The map is on the gamepad or not there at all, but to be honest its not useful like the local area map in mk7 and DS where you could see stuff coming at you. It just shows where everyone is on the entire map at once.

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iplay1up21476d ago

I have been playing with my Wii Remote, but think I am going to try the pro controller instead.

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The story is too old to be commented.