Save $15 on Watch Dogs, Titanfall, MK8, More with Reserve; 20% off PS+ & Vita Games, $25 with 3DSXL

Twinfinite writes:

"Previews for next week’s weekly sales ad over at retailer Target are out. And without a doubt, there are more than a number of interesting sales on various games hardware and software."

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JackOfAllBlades1329d ago

Personally I took advantage of half off Diablo III at Best Buy, now to find a slick deal on Reaper of Souls...

ritsuka6661329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Save $15 on Watch Dogs, Titanfall,''

I prefer save my money for other better games.

HomerDog1329d ago

lol what better games all the good games so far are due by 2015 and besides both of those games are well worth $45.

FamilyGuy1329d ago

$40 for a year of PS+, exactly what I've been looking for.