Microsoft E3 Assumptions

Because predictions are for babies, Michael Pachter lets us in on his Xbox 2014 assumptions.

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LordMaim1384d ago

After Pachter's unprofessional attack on people who use AdBlock, I really have no interest in his (usually incorrect) predictions.

Fireseed1384d ago

Unproffesional? Slightly. Inappropriate? No.

user14394141384d ago

I hope that Microsoft can do well this year at E3, lets forget about everything that happened last time and hopefully Microsoft can prove all the FANBOYS wrong once and FORALL. XoXoXo

HugoDrax1384d ago

"lets forget about everything that happened last time and hopefully Microsoft can prove all the FANBOYS wrong once and FORALL."

Here is the youtube link of EVERYTHING that happened last year to refresh your memory. It was a complete GAMES SHOWCASE from Microsoft.

modesign1384d ago

lol unprofessional, pachter makes more money in 1 day than you probably have in your whole life.

BlackTar1871384d ago

what exactly does his salary have to do with being unprofessional exactly?

LordMaim1384d ago

So does Donald Sterling. Your move.

gamerfan09091384d ago

His attack was against the prick who wrote that email essentially stating that he doesn't care if people lose their jobs and that gaming sites are obsolete and they should move content to youtube. Not only was his email mean spirited and completely nonsensical, it was a terrible argument laced in idiocy. Pacther handled that situation brilliantly.

UnHoly_One1384d ago

He was right about AdBlock, though.

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LordMaim1384d ago

His attack was completely unprofessional and immature, and there can be no defense of that. He called the user who asked the question an idiot, a scumbag, low bottom-sucking scum, not smart, a moron, and a bastard. He undermined the validity of his opinion just by lacing his explanation with inappropriate insults. He "may" be a good financial analyst but he should absolutely not be a media figure.

Compare his handling of the issue to that of Jim Sterling and you will see the difference between Pachter's immature name calling and Sterling's measured response.


JBSleek1384d ago

You have a lot of feelings.

Dudebro901384d ago

Sterling isn't as blunt as pactcher but he can be a pretty big tool sometimes.

iamnsuperman1384d ago

I think that makes the point even more poignant. If Pachter can come of worse than Jim then something went wrong

gamerfan09091384d ago

Nothing unprofessional about it. The kid that wrote that email basically said he doesn't care that people lose their jobs because of adblock and his argument to begin with was so stupid that it deserved pacther calling him a moron. The gist of his email what that all of these gaming websites should go extinct, move all gaming related news to youtube, and poof SOLUTION!!!!! Well dumbass what happens when everyone adblocks those youtubers content and they make no money? Then there will be no content.

Destiny10801384d ago

what pachter said was if everyone used an ad blocker there would be no point in making professional content

the guy sent a letter to pachter and pachter replied. whats the problem

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Eldyraen1384d ago

Past prejudices aside, he may be closer to being right this time around than I would like.

MS has just announced Forza Horizons 2, shown a little of Sunset Overdrive already, Quantum Break is now skipping e3 after recent tease, have announced Kinectless X1 and price drop, and I doubt they are done quite yet with pre-e3 news. Nearly all of that would had waited for e3 traditionally.

Now we are a approaching a year in and they should show the exclusive tv content they only talked about last time and probably announce new App partners at about the same time (I admit I use them some--watch Arrow and Supernatural on CW App instead of on cable nowadays).

360 price cut seems reasonable especially since in the past year we still got PvZ, TF, and soon enough Horizons 2 for it. I doubt third party is done with last gen and wouldn't put it past first yet either (such as separate Forza version).

Game wise I still expect a strong showing though but most will probably be what we have already seen or heard about.

For example I'm looking forward to Fable, Sunset Overdrive, Halo (possible 2 or rumored collection as well as 5), but want to see new games too. Gears seems early but could make a cgi teaser trailer this soon if they rushed it (rather they took their time though so maybe just mention it and move on). I want to see a new Rare adventure-platformer though but hoping for Kameo 2 has got me nowhere so far. Perfect Dark still has potential IMO but would need a serious reboot (FPS/TPS/action/stealth approach looking in part at Deux Ex for inspiration) but think the basic premise and setting is still great just needs an overhaul in many areas.

I'm sure there will be some surprises but since, like Pachter said, E3 is the "big" game conference they want to show off other sides of the console as well (although could do it a CES just fine but in many ways wouldn't have as big of an impression as it is ruled by more standard electronics (tv/phone) and oddities which are awesome but not exactly mainstream.

I wish for the best though as watching conferences come Monday and want to see more about games we know about and new games they actually kept secret somehow.

blackout1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Phill Spence said more games, games, games than executives at this years e3. So I really don't think Mr. Pachter has been seeing or reading what Microsoft has been doing the last month. Everything her mentioned has already been announced.

sadfeet1384d ago

Oh noes I stumbled into a Patcher article.

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