The Best Badass Women in Gaming

6aming's Anna is a proud girl gamer, and she's not alone. Today, Anna has taken a look at some of the most badass female protagonists in gaming today. Do you agree, or are there others you would add?

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-Foxtrot1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Seriously what is with female gamers and Lightning. There's so many good female characters in FF that Lightning would be at the very bottom of that list if you were to rank them

Hell even if you look outside FF theres still a ton of better, well written female characters then her.

"Now I’ve only ever played a few Final Fantasy games, only due to my dislike of turn based battle"

Oh well this explains alot. Usually the people who like Lightning have never played on FF games before.

Eonjay1324d ago

Not true. I loved her and FFIII was not my first.

fallout1011323d ago

Really nice article. Clementine is the boss hands down.