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Nick of Gamer Assault Weekly gives us his review of Watch Dogs breaking down the story, characters, environments and mechanics. Did it live up to the hype?

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1505d ago

Hype fail, but a solid game.

zero_syndicate1505d ago

Watchdogs, 5, didn't do anything new, hacking was a gimmick one button function, all the hacks were essentially the same. Push button to cause accident or push button to explode things. Drive run shoot, gruff brooding dude for no reason, where does aiden stand morally anyways? Aiden is like that kid who got bullied a lot by his sister's jock boyfriend for being a nerd, an thusly decided that no one was good enough for his sister except him.

VRex71505d ago

I've only gotten a few hours into the game but it isn't doing much for me. The story feels disjointed. It was definitely a hype fail, seems to be the trend with these new games.

thisishxc1505d ago

I was pretty disappointed with it. Maybe it was the hype, but for a game that was delayed last second...I was expecting better. It feels like Grand Theft Auto 5 with a one button hacking ability, and I really didn't like GTA. I doubt I'll revisit the game anytime soon or for any substantial time. It's by no means terrible, but at best is mediocre with hit or miss character models and relatively boring story and main character.

nick47611505d ago

I think the game is decent. It's a good start for a new franchise, but they have to improve on it in the next game. The hacking was pretty fun, but aside from that it still felt a little too close to GTA to me.

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