Forza 5 vs GRID Autosport PC massive differences?

A comparison between the Xbox One exclusive Forza 5 vs GRID Autosport on PC showing off some big differences.

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bessy671504d ago

Why are we comparing the graphics of these two very different games, one of which is an Xbox One launch title and one of which is running on ultra settings on PC?

ats19921504d ago

Its N4G they have to at least try to put one negative thing about xbox one every hour.

bessy671504d ago

The funny thing is that Forza 5 looks better IMO. The backrounds are better in Grid but the reflections and cockpit views are god awful.

Dlacy13g1504d ago

@bessy67 have to agree. overall based on that video Forza 5 looked better. PC textures all seemed a tad blurry compared to Forza 5 as well which was odd. Looking specifically at the ground textures and PC seemed a bit muddy.

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guitarded771504d ago

I agree that it's lame to compare different games, but the difference in the static and animated crowds is pretty drastic (about 2 minute mark in video). Seeing it is a reminder of how little details can make a game seem so much better.

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scotmacb1504d ago

To show how good forza really is

dale_denton1504d ago

yeah stiff crowds make forza 5 a way better version

gamerfan09091504d ago

How does some of these articles get approval? Most of these websites are no name troll websites that was created probably a couple weeks ago. And why on earth would you show one game running on ultra settings on a high end PC to a game running on a low to mid range PC equivalent console? N4G you guys have to really fix your site man.

MCTJim1504d ago

I've noticed that the "negative" articles are approved within 5 mins of being submitted while some really good articles take forever and never make the "hot" topic level even with more comments...go figure

Dante811504d ago

Every other scumbag wants that ad money.

Dudebro901504d ago

This is the most pointless thing I have ever seen.

I would love to know why whoever did this, decided to compare these two games. Please, I'm begging you.

gamerfan09091504d ago

Easy, they posted this because they know they will get clicks and trolls will gravitate to this material. There's sites like dualshockers that gets THOUSANDS of hits a day just off of flamebait material and half baked insider bullcrap. Any one can create a website and they know posting crap like this gets them clicks which gets them ad revenue. Plus some of these guys believe they have an actual argument that fits their bias agenda.

Boody-Bandit1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

It's so disappointing GRID Autosport isn't coming out for the new generation consoles (PS4 / X1).

zlpw0ker1504d ago

ye,well ps4 getting project CARS, driveclub, so stop bitching.

Si-Fly1504d ago

I think he wanted a 60fps racer though ...

Boody-Bandit1504d ago

Multi account trolls (zlpw0ker) are so boring.

N4G needs to break out the weed be gone spray and eliminate some of this clutter / nonsense / waste of bandwidth.

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The story is too old to be commented.