Best Shooter On Next Gen Yet - Wolfenstein: The New Order Review | Gamer Attitude

Thomas Ellis of Gamer Attitude tells you why he thinks Wolfenstein: The New Order shows the other shooters how it's done.

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KinjoTakemura1508d ago

Yes sir. Better Than COD. Better Than BF4. Extremely entertaining.

iDadio1507d ago

Obviously the lack of MP is a bit of a bummer to people like me who was fans of RTCW and ET but it is probably the best single player shooter I have played for years. Story is good, gameplay is fluid and it just works.

camel_toad1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

The lack of multiplayer may also be why the single player is so good. They didn't have to split their resources or put any money into hiring someone else to do multiplayer.

nucky641507d ago

i'm enjoying wolfenstein a whole lot - and i want to find all enigma codes to see all of the unlockable modes.

dcj05241507d ago

Yeah. I'm tempted to look up the modes but I wanna be surprised

urwifeminder1508d ago

Will never know I guess lack of Multi made me not buy moved on anyway.

stubee341508d ago

Best shooter ever created imo.

DerekFlint0071507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I have finished this game and i absolutely loved it, but in my opinion i reckon Peter North is the best shooter ever created.

DefenderOfDoom21507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

to Derek..007 ,, I agree WOLENSTIEN NEW ORDER is a awesome game, but i thought Peter North was a CANADIAN scholar or something ? Oh wait he is.....

xJumpManx1508d ago

Its nice to see a game do single player right. I prefer single player games to multiplayer games give me a good story and game play to match.

Eldyraen1507d ago

I enjoy both but have to agree a good singleplayer game goes a long way. I also agree with the topic header--Wolfenstein is the best (singleplayer) shooter thus far on either the PS4 or X1. Granted the best of any genre so far is basically limited between 2-3 choices but it is still a solid game and deserves the high scores it has received.

The Metro Redux games are the next FPS games I am looking forward to (played them both but deserve a new playthrough and revamped 2033 in particular could be worth another buy--just hope it keeps darker palette as LL is more colorful).

xJumpManx1507d ago

I picked it up today for the PC. Unless its console exclusive I have a real hard time justifying paying more for version that is generally inferior for FPS genre.

Dynasty20211507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

If it were done right it'd be much longer with a better story.

I expect this length of a campaign from a game WITH a MP.

LAWSON721507d ago

IMO BF4 and TF take the cake for MP, Wolfenstein though is easily the best SP FPS I have played on next gen

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The story is too old to be commented.