Sony Has The Most Number of Booths At This Year's E3

"With just under a week to go for the biggest gaming expo of the year, the floor plan has been finalized. With close to 200 exhibitors attending this year's E3 and tons of games at display, the show is expected to be nothing but stellar."

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Majin-vegeta1177d ago

PS3,PSV,PS4,Morpheous and I don't know what else.

ZodTheRipper1177d ago

Sony: 8 booths
Microsoft: 2 booths
Nintendo: 3 booths

If that's indicative on what's to come Sony fans have very good reason to be excited :D

disKinected1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Wow, amazing, sony must have prepared a great e3 showing. Can't wait for e3.

And lol at the people who thought Sony would be twiddling their thumbs..

Guess Sony is the one with the most content to show. This will be great e3 for Sony fans, for sure.

GarrusVakarian1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Lmfao at mrpsychoticstalker trying to downplay Sony's E3 conference.

You gotta question what motivates these people to go into articles of consoles and companies that they don't like, purely to troll. Fear? Resentment? Jealousy? Probably all 3.

On topic: Can't wait to see what megatons Sony drop. I'd love to be there in person.

Moe-Gunz1177d ago


Same can be said for MS. However, Sony has a large 1st party and many are working on PS4 games so you may be very wrong.

Shane Kim1177d ago


You just worry about those 2 booths.

ZodTheRipper1177d ago

Just don't feed that troll guys ;D
First they downplay this, next they downplay the actual conference. Is anyone with common sense really doubting that Sony is going to have a great E3, despite their silence in the last few weeks? First they rented cinemas and gave away free tickets, now they have the biggest showfloor and the most booths. And behind the curtains they still have the most unannounced projects within their first party lineup. It's actually sad that some are trying to downplay the excitement of others just to make them feel better.

Charybdis1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Sony has 5 different meeting rooms, Microsoft doesn'have any meeting rooms (MR). Presence in the westhall looking at combined space sony seems to use a little bit more floor space,looks almost like same amount of total square feet as Microsoft in the Westhall.

5 (different) permanent meeting rooms
3 booths in westhall floor
0 permanent meeting rooms
2 booths in westhall floor

No_Limit1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

kind of misleading as 5 of the Sony booths are reserved for meetings...whatever that is.

On the breakdown of gaming booths, it make sense due to # of gaming platforms each company has.

Sony 3 gaming booths: PS4, PS3, Vita
Nintendo 3 gaming Booths: Wii U, Wii, DS
Microsoft 2 gaming booths: Xbox One, X360

sic_chops1177d ago

@psyco and you know this because? Oh yeah, a butthurt troll. Got it.

Why o why1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Lol, nice try No Limit.

Lets see what sony will bring. They know the world is watching; some with trepidation, some with adulation and others straight fear and loathing. How will they fare.

yess1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Are you guys ready for the power of the..Booths hehe ;)

MrSec841176d ago

Things are definitely pointing towards Sony's developers having a lot to show, particular to please gamers.

A huge 1st party network, with most studios being dead quiet since quite well before PS4 was officially announced.
Many of said studios having more than one team that haven't really been very vocal.

A pretty large number of trademarks for games being filed so close to E3.

Renting out dozens of Movie Theaters & giving away thousands of tickets for gamers to watch the event on the big screen.

3-4-51176d ago

Nintendo also has their Digital Directs too, so that kind of helps even though that isn't a booth.

Good for Sony though, should be the most exciting E3 in 2 years, for everyone, because it's finally all about games again.

AngelicIceDiamond1176d ago

If your attending E3 in LA you'll have loads to play at Sony's section.

Funantic11176d ago

Are we getting hype from the number of booths? I don't play booths, I play video games, preferably AAA. I pay attention to the man on the stage with the big screen behind him, not booths. Smh

BlackTar1871176d ago


Hows the new Halo and Gears? Oh wait they haven't come out yet? What's that you say they don't have a 2014 release date? DATS WEIRD

headblackman1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

i hope 6 of those booths aren't indie game related.

miyamoto1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

PlayStation Nation Domination!


Okay booths does not mean games so what does M$ have in their 2 booths?

CryofSilence1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Funantic, what do you think goes inside of those booths?

GiggMan1176d ago

Does more booths = more babes???? :-)

KinjoTakemura1176d ago


"All Sony games have been announced a year or two in advance. They are not bringing anything new to the booths. Aside from project morpheous."

Do you huff paint? Sniff glue? Chew on crayons? Sniff cinnamon? Sniff Bath Salts? I'm just wondering how anyone can conclude that Sony doesn't have anything new to announce at E3.
If you don't have brain damage then there's only one other explanation, you're slow.

Copen1176d ago

Lol @ all the SALTY xb0t$ worried and disagreeing. Keep fighting xbox warriors your fate is sealed and your demigod King Phil is a puppet for all the suits who ruined your console. Second place is the highest position any xbox console has ever achieved and right now ya'll need to worry about the Wii U or maybe just maybe 3rd place is where you'll be lol. Gimme them SaLTy TeArS.

Sheikh Yerbouti1176d ago

Excited about number of booths? Eh..? It all depends if those meeting rooms are all private showings of different games. God I hope so. It is E3 afterall. What else would they meet about?

AndrewLB1176d ago

I take it you've never been to E3 before, so i'll briefly explain a few things. First of all, the number of booths means absolutely nothing. A "booth" can be a small 10x10-ft square with a table and a couple chairs or it can take up 1/3 of an entire exhibition hall and be tens of thousands of square feet in size. And even then, having all that floor space doesn't mean it's packed with games. The larger booth sizes tend to have an exponentially large amount of open space with nothing going on. Or quite frequently they'll use a portion of it for some sort of entertainment that's just fun to watch... usually involving hot chicks wearing very little clothing or something that almost looks painted on. Ahh... E3. I'll be there again this year.

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jnemesh1176d ago

Don't forget about Playstation Now! I am betting one booth is dedicated just to show that off...probably on multiple platforms including Sony Bravia TVs.

XiSasukeUchiha1176d ago

PS booths are everywhere at this E3, So Sony's popularity is going to skyrocket is over 9000!

AndrewLB1176d ago

I think you're missing the fact that E3 is a "closed to the public" convention for people who are involved in the gaming industry. These are Developers, producers, writers, and the gaming Media etc. This isn't some fanboy-fest where Sony and Microsoft give them all new knee-pads for the coming year. I guess there are some super-knee-pad-wearing-fanboys who actually spend the $800-$1,000 for a floor pass, and thankfully they tend to somewhat behave themselves. Especially since security has been known to clip people's credentials and show them the door for doing stupid crap.

BallsEye1176d ago

For Sony e3 I only care about ps4. Number of booths? I rather care about real gameplays of NEW games that would come out this year. No CGI crap, no upgraded cut-scenes, no tech talk. Just want pure, real gameplay! This goes to both ps4 and xbox one.

shadowsmoke361176d ago

What is the point in having E3 then if you must see gameplay of games probably not finished yet so you can complain about a unfinished game as most already do.You will not see full fledged gameplay but you will see some new games and hopefully games that was forgotten when the ps3 came out like LOD and dark cloud. Many gamers would prefer what's to come then gameplay of everything that may not be ready or polished. Many like myself are tired of people like you who rant over everything. You make your own game and show gameplay less then a year then you would see.

1176d ago
Magicite1176d ago

And Sony will dominate...AGAIN!

showtimefolks1176d ago

most booths
free theaters showing for fans

and some think sony won't be showing anything.

husomc1176d ago

some ppl think all those cinemas are just to broadcast Kaz Hirai's ugly mug

AndrewLB1176d ago

Fans? What are you talking about?


E3 is a professional trade event and is not open to the general public. Individuals who are not able to document their direct and current professional affiliation to the interactive entertainment industry are not qualified to attend.

I doubt many "fans" will be dropping the $800-$1,000 for a floor pass because being a knee-pad-wearing-fanboy does not qualify someone as being part of the video game industry.