What We’re Looking Forward to at E3 This Year From Sony

GenGame: "E3 2014 is right around the corner and the GenGAME staff is making up their wishlists. Some of us have wild expectations, while others are taking a more realistic approach to predicting what will be shown at this year’s E3 conferences. This is what we’re hoping for from Sony at this year’s show."

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showtimefolks1504d ago

Sony Santa Monica
- Sony London
- Sony Japan
- Bend Studio new IP(or syphon filter reboot)
- Media Molecule new IP
- Guerilla Games new IP
- Quantic Dream new IP
- Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo 7 or GT6 on ps4 with more content plus upgraded Graphics)
- Housemarque new project
- Project Beast?

than you have free lancers like david jaffe working with sony, also take into account some of those studios have multiple teams working on more than one game

sony santa monica had 4 teams but with stig's project being cancelled and his team let go or merged into other projects now they still have 2 or 3 teams

I truly believe sony will have 2 planned conferences, Plan A and plan B. If MS comes out swinging than sony will show more.

People believe MS will only show games but yesterday while watching patcher's show on GT, he said something very interesting. MS knows most major media outlets will be there to cover their conference, and most don't care about games. But they do care about original content on xbox one so MS will talk about that a lot. Also they will talk about why they removed kinect and how its a better box now than ps4. Just removing the kinect won't sell it, they will have to sell it to consumers

I like how sony is laser focused on games. MS have said at E3 its all about games so now expections are super high, while at sony nothing lol. I hope both just focus on games and show a lot of gaming content but i have a feeling MS will talk about games but will waste a lot of time on stuff gamers don't care about

Jughead34161504d ago

Man, I hate to be a downer, but Media Molecule has announced on Twitter today that they won't be at E3 this year. Perhaps Gamescom? Tarsier Studios could still announce something Little Big Planet related though.

DigitalRaptor1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I'm calling a bait and switch.

Remember when David Jaffe said he had nothing planned for E3

and then boom:

showtimefolks1504d ago

like i said i think only way sony will their games is if MS really brings it big time. Other wise sony will save some games for gamescom and TGS

Godchild10201504d ago

Tarsier Studios is working on a game called Hunger (Working title) for PS4. They might be a E3 in some shape or form.

Prime1571504d ago

I think the focus will be on games, whether it's how you receive your games (VR, streaming, or even original Xbox/ps1&2 backwards compatibility) or what's coming out in 2014, I think both need to have a slugfest in that aspect.

I honestly think that new features won't sell, including the lack of Kinect. In fact, building on the lack of Kinect is exactly why new features aren't a good idea.

Right now, we live in a time where price means everything. Getting content for cheap is important. Perceived value. Tv will only go so far, but I think both might break a bit into this with their original content.

Still, content with a focus on games with a good price is what we are looking for.

PaleMoonDeath1504d ago

Timesplitters Rewind, That I dearly want to see.

iSpeakTruth__1504d ago

I want less indie focus. Show us the big games.

And slightly off topic, but there's been talks that Capcom is announcing Dino Crisis at the Sony event. Would be cool if that would be exclusive seeing how poor DC3 did since it was only on xbox. (Hopefully it's like the originals and not that train wreck Dino Crisis "3")

colonel1791504d ago

I think that since Sony is giving Indie developers too much focus and support. They should make a Sony "direct" so that they don't take time off big conferences like E3, Gamescom, etc.

elhebbo161504d ago

-games that try to be like movies
-games that try to be like movies
-god of war

disKinected1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I wonder why are you always in sony articles posting some nonsense.
Haven't seen you doing the same in xbox articles.
Hmmm. Would you care to explain?
If you can't add anything valuable to comment section, be away from it then.

1>You didn't answer my question
2>I know it was a joke and was meant to demean sony's e3.
3>Stop posting cheap jokes nobody likes and be more valuable contributor in comments section.

elhebbo161504d ago

1. It was joke lighten up, I even said it at the bottom. 2. You track my comments down?

elhebbo161504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Well to answer your question, If you go to an Xbox article all you see is Sony drones making dumb remarks and making shitty statements that is neither positive or needed. I dont even like xbox but I dont go to an article to show how 'dominant' the PS4 is. Another thing, if you would've stalked my comment section a bit further you would've seen comments that do contribute, plenty actually. furthermore

disKinected1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

"If you go to an Xbox article all you see is Sony drones making dumb remarks and making shitty statements that is neither positive or needed. "

1> Same can be said for xbox fans, trolling hard in sony articles..
2> So what I get from your statement is that you would like to become like these so called " Sony Drones " by mimicking their tactics. Great Idea.
3> "neither positive or needed."
That is exactly how I see this comment of yours.

elhebbo161504d ago

@disKinected There's a huge difference between admittedly joking and trolling.

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TheDivine1504d ago

Vita games.

Project Beast.

Ps2 classics on vita and up scaled ps2 classics on ps4.

FF12 HD on vita.

MGS vita.

Type 0 vita.

So many things could be announced. Suikoden, Jeanne D'Ark 2, Ni No Kuni 2, The Last of Us for vita, GOW for vita, Mass Effect or Dead Space for vita. Man I'm soooo hyped even though maybe 2 of these will happen. Still, its good to dream.

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