6 things we know about Mortal Kombat X so far

Mortal Kombat X gets detailed to the max in this article.

By Andy Walker

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trywizardo1169d ago

i want tekken x street fighter :/

CloudyAero1169d ago

What ever happened to that game?!

BigBosss1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

still in development, most likely for PS4 and Xbox One. Don't take my word though, just speculating.

305LoneWolf1169d ago

Still in developing according to the lead developer of tekken, hopefully we hear something about it in the near future

rezzah1169d ago

They wanted to release Tekken 7 first, before starting development for TXSF.

However when this statement came out, at the time they were working on Tekken: Tag Team Tournament 2.

Fireseed1169d ago

The idea of introducing OTG moves into MK has me pretty intrigued if the trailers is believed to represent some of the games mechanics.

Sub-Zero851169d ago

I'm curious to see which characters make the roster , I'm so excited for this game

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