Why The Zelda Series Says Hyrule Needs A Cartographer

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking if the Zelda series from Nintendo is in need of a Cartographer for Hyrule.

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christian hour1452d ago

I have to agree, the last Zelda title I truly enjoyed was Wind Waker on the gamecube. Sailing around and exploring the world is still one of the most memorable times in my gaming life. Playing Black Flag recently brought back that experience somewhat, but it was still no wind waker for me.

I didnt make it too far in to twilight princess and I passed on Skyward Sword. I dunno if its me thats just grown up and moved on or if the games have become less engaging, but every few months I fire up Wind Waker on my GCN and sail for a bit and still enjoy the hell out of it(I'm not a fan of the remakes lighting, i felt it took away from the games aesthetic, I can only play the original :P)

Garethvk1452d ago

That is always the issue as the first two games were so iconic that even with the advancements in tech it is hard to match them. I have always wondered why Nintendo is so against letting the characters have a voice. I just find it odd that so many mainly squeak or whistle.