4A Games Working on Another Metro Title; A New IP Set in Space with “Fascinating” Alien Landscapes

[RUMOR] OnlySP: In a new Russian interview with 4A Games, it seems that two new projects from the team may have been confirmed in the interview.

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ThatKanadianKid1477d ago

Oh man, 4A taking their world design to Alien landscapes would be SUPER interesting to see. These guys were meant to make an open world game, which is what I hope for from the next Metro. I think out of all the survival games out there, 2033 was the best. You really were scavenging for supplies every change you got, especially on Ranger mode.

christrules00411477d ago

I felt that way with Metro Last Light on the PS3 as well. I actually didn't get to play 2033. But I built a pc 3 months ago and then they announced redux, the remakes. So I can't wait to give that a go. Where ever I read people are talking about how great it is.

aawells071477d ago

Def one of my favorite series(Metro). Def play 2033 if you can.

XiSasukeUchiha1477d ago

So a New Metro and a New IP, gimme gimme :D

lonewolfjedi1477d ago

this sounds very intriguing. can't wait to see!

NYC_Gamer1477d ago

I hope 4A announces one of the new projects at E3 next week

HappyWithOneBubble1477d ago

Great more shooters. We sure need more of those.

Eldyraen1477d ago

Nothing wrong with shooters and any new game from 4A is a welcome addition as for a new company they really did great and you can see huge improvements to gameplay mechanics from 2033 to LL (gunplay is much better which is biggest fix IMO).

The new Metro has me curious and excited already but I want to see what they can do with an original IP (assuming original anyways) now as design wise Metro had some great looking enemies, locations, etc but were still constrained by Metro license in a sense. I hope they put as much attention to detail into it as we could be in for a treat.

On article related news, was curious about what they were going to do since Ukraine isn't exactly at its most peaceful ATM. I knew they were getting a Malta studio but wasn't sure if they were moving there or just expanding.

Golden_Mud1477d ago

It would be interesting if they return to developing Deep Six

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