E3 2014: The Wii U’s Success Rides on Nintendo’s Offerings

It's go big or go home for Nintendo at E3, here's why

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Sathur1173d ago

Look for Mario Kart 8 on E4 tonight.

NintendoSonyfan1173d ago

They are adding the submarine from Starfox to Steel Diver Subwars. Starfox announcement at E3 confirmed?

mikel10151173d ago

That's like saying Samus's ship in the background of one of Donkey Kong's levels means Metroid confirmed xD I would love a new Starfox and Metroid, and F-Zero with all my heart

thorstein1173d ago

Indeed. I have decided that this generation, my second console will be the Wii U. A Metroid, Starfox, or F Zero would only sweeten the deal.

Redinfamy1173d ago

I hope Bayonetta 2 does what it needs to do, but I think it will be taken away from the Nintendo players if not.

zeal0us1173d ago

Sadly it won't. Bayonetta 1 just finally passed the 2million threshold this year despite coming out almost 4-5 years ago. This is all while being available on two systems.

LightDiego1173d ago

I'm excited for Project X!


Yeah, I'm looking forward to it!

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