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ArabicGamers writes:

I love the UFC. I love the bloody fights in the cage, I love the fighters who leave it all on the line in the name of victory, I love the whole razzmatazz that comes with the big event as 20,000 fans fill an arena to see world title match-ups. So far no game has captured what the UFC means to me, although THQ's Undisputed series came close. This is EA's first attempt at a game using the UFC license; can they do a better job?

So far, it doesn't look like it.

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PsylentKiller1362d ago

Impressions of a button masher.

There is more to a MMA fight than punches, kicks, and throws. This is not your standard fighting game. They've done their best to simulate the skill sets of many MMA fighters. The intricacies of this combat sport are, I think, translated very well for their first real attempt at a MMA game.

I think your time would be better spent mashing buttons as Jago in Killer Instinct.

Audiggity1361d ago

I thought the demo was underwhelming as well... I took the time to study the controls, careful placement, clinching, ground game, etc... expecting to see a next gen MMA sim.

What I saw instead was absolutely not representative of their gameplay videos. I've been more impressed with every single Fight Night iteration than what I saw here.

Cancelled my pre-order after spending 2 hours with the demo, not impressed. Very rigid.

I take back my previous hype comments.