Sonic Boom to Use CryEngine and Release Date Revealed

Sonic Boom will be available in North America and Europe in November 2014, Nintendo has announced.

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Perjoss1233d ago

sonic boom eh? cheeky, in the next SF Guile will likely have a new move called the hedgehog punch.

sonic9891233d ago

not the best Sonic game it looks way too skylanders for me and its a slow game i mean not platforming puzzle solving slow but pace and combat slow which could kill any sonic game .
hopefully they do something about or mediocre reviews will hit it hard .

contradictory1233d ago

i love how you're rating a game that's not even released.
that's great.

sonic9891233d ago

there was a bunch of videos released for it .
and if you bothered yourself to read my comment i said i hope they do something about it before it gets released which implies i want the game to be something good .

ChickeyCantor1233d ago

"something about it before it gets released which implies i want the game to be something good ."

Implying it's a bad game.

MegaRay1233d ago

How is it hard for Sega to make a game like generations/colors/Adventure? Heck even Sonic 4 ep 1 and 2 is better.
Hope I am wrong really, I hope it turn out great. But till then ill keep replaying Generations again and again.

sonic9891233d ago

the sad part is i watched the combat section and it seems like sonic and knuckles are the same thing except of course different moves .
Sonic looked slow knuckles is OK .
the animation also needs work .

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1233d ago


Not done by SONIC TEAM

Are you dense?

thehobbyist1233d ago

You can't judge a game based on early videos that are at less than 30fps because they were still in ALPHA stages. But I guess it's too difficult to hold your judgement until more videos are released with MUCH more complete builds. Seriously, wait until Sega shows it off at E3 when it'll be in a more polished state.

gjruk1233d ago

I love Sonic, but haven't enjoyed a single game since Sonic Adventure games, hopefully this revives that feeling.

voodoochild3461233d ago

I feel sorry for Sega that they have to deal with Sonic fans who are never satisfied no matter what Sega does.

sonic9891233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

it seems like sega always take the wrong steps when making a sonic game with some exceptions like generations and colors .
also the reviews back my claims precisely.
from what i saw this game is no game of the year material remove those speed sections ( dull aniamtion ) and you have a tmnt game .
not expecting 9s or 10s from this game ( if it stays at this form doesnt get better with time honestly i really hope this game becomes something special ) .

sonic9891233d ago

play generations its a really great game .

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1233d ago

then you missed out on Sonic Colors on Wii

XiSasukeUchiha1233d ago

Cool release date, and I'm interested of what can the CryEngine do to Sonic?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1233d ago

1 Guile of Capcom should sue SEGA.

2 The game looks great, considering the CryEngine can't work on WiiU...
Hmm, Maybe it can.

3 What's the deal with these Scarfs? Sonic and Link.

4 I hope it is a good game, it looks good artistically- It's cool of SEGA to make an exclusive for Nintendo.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1233d ago

Point no. 2 was sarcasm.
I forgot that I was on the Internet and people say things like that all of the time-
- and are serious.