Nine things we don’t want to see at E3 2014

OXCGN writes: "It’s that time of year again and E3 is drawing near. I'm more excited about this E3 than previous years, looking forward to all the new announcements to be made for all the next-gen console games, but there are plenty of mistakes and mishaps that happen at E3, which no one wants to see. Here’s our list of thing we DON’T want to see at this year’s E3."

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XiNarutoUzumaki1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

No Kinect gimmicks
No Dancing
No trailers only; Wanna see gameplay
No fake claps
No jabs for any competition
No Celebrities
No gameplay through PC rigs

RocknRolla1385d ago

Nothing will ever be as bad as the fake claps at Konami's press conference as per the article. HOLY CRAP that was bad!

Mr Pumblechook1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I don't wanna see Major Nelson and the gurning smile he makes when he says "you can't just flip a switch."

Phil Spencer - Yes.
Shuhei Yoshida - Yes.
Major Nelson - NO.

creatchee1385d ago

I don't just want... I NEED another 2010 Konami Conference. Best train wreck ever.

bmf73641385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

@creatchee Instead Microsoft bribed Konami to have Hideo Kojima walk on stage, show a rough trailer of The Phantom Pain, forced him to speak what little English he knows, then walk off. Making MGS fans feel betrayed for a week until he shows he's still pro-Playstation.

creatchee1384d ago


Making Sony* fans feel betrayed for a week until he shows he's still pro-Playstation.


Also, what are you even talking about?

zeee1384d ago

Here's my list of things I wanna see:


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mochachino1385d ago

Nothing wrong with taking playful jabs at the competition so long as it's humorous, witty, and tasteful.

All part of competition.

gamerfan09091385d ago

At an event that's supposed to be about games taking jabs at your competition is cheap heat. Focus on the games, the fans, and the consoles. I have no problem with what Sony did last year because they stood up for consumers rights. But if House does it again then I seriously will lose respect for him. Keep it about games, period.

MilkMan1385d ago

To bad ALL that will be on display.

Kivespussi1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Out of those, I think there will be:

Kinect gimmicks
No dancing
Maybe a bit of TV. Possibly from Sony too.
Trailers, trailers, trailers. Lots of them.
Don't know about fake claps
No jabs.
At least one celebrity. There just can't be a game expo with no pointless celebrities.
Gameplay videos from PC's "running at console specs" (so... PS4 X 2)

1384d ago
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Godmars2901385d ago

I see at least five of those already happening. #7 especially.

gamerfan09091385d ago

I'm sick and tired of this shit on Don Mattrick crap that has been going on for the past year and half. The man is responsible for making XBL what it is today and his resume in the games industry stacks up to any executive working for any company in gaming today. He literally grew the 360 to what it is today. Did he fuck up at E3? Yup. But no one shits on Yoshida San, Tretton, and others for their PS3 reveal and telling people if they don't have 600 bucks to get a second job. No one ever does it but they do it with Mattrick all the time.

WeAreLegion1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

They do that to Ken Kutaragi constantly. He stepped down after the PS3 launched for a reason. I respect the man greatly, but he screwed up. Everyone called him out on it. Where have you been?

madpuppy1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Err, that was Ken Kutaragi, and if you don't remember everyone calls him "Crazy Ken".

But, are you sure you can hear what I said up on that high horse of yours???

WeAreLegion1385d ago

But I like being told I can "move my fat body, freery"!

Bad press conferences are my favorite part of E3! I mean hilariously bad, not cringeworthy bad. Aisha has mastered cringeworthy bad though. I'd heavily debating whether or not to watch the Ubisoft conference.

urwifeminder1385d ago

For me that would be Sony.

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