IGN E3 2014: Test driving Batman's new batmobile

The final chapter in Rocksteady’s acclaimed Batman trilogy might not be coming out until 2015, but fans of the Caped Crusader will just have that much longer to savor the anticipation. Not only does the final game tie up the loose ends of Rocksteady’s series, but it also finally introduces the Batmobile. Thought it’s been in the cutscenes of previous games, gamers have been asking since the original Arkham Asylum to actually get behind the wheel of Batman’s iconic ride. We had a chance to do just that in a recent hands-on with the game.

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WeAreLegion1447d ago

All of a sudden, no one seems to care.

YellowTempes1447d ago

People who wait for the few upcoming truly next-gen games care.

WeAreLegion1447d ago

It was more a quip about the game being delayed. Does no one pick up on this stuff?

YellowTempes1444d ago

While I wouldn't mind playing the game right away, I would really mind playing an unoptimized nice try of a game

WeAreLegion1444d ago

Oh, sweet. Looks like I was right! Big headline about a big game from a major site and look! Nobody freaking cares!