What We Want from E3: EA

E3′s gaming convention always brings copious amounts of gaming news from releases and hardware. On June 9th, at noon Pacific, publisher/developer EA (Electronic Arts) will be holding their press conference...

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urwifeminder1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

An announcement that all past BF games will be supported into the future and will remain online down size and consolidate older game servers.

Whxian1509d ago

usually i'd say a new command and conquer, but they just cancelled one,so nothing

WeAreLegion1509d ago

Battlefield 2 HD.

A guy can dream...

Seriously though, I want to see Battlefront III and Battlefield: Hardline.

EA still owns the rights to Harry Potter, correct? I'd love to see a proper Harry Potter game. (Not including Lego Harry Potter. I love that, but still.)

HaMM4R1509d ago

Battlefield 2 HD would literally make me shit my pants with happiness, assuming it still had mod support. A new HP game would also be great, perhaps an MMO.

Personally id love to see the announcement that mod support for games was coming back, but there is pretty much a 0% chance of that happening.

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fonger081509d ago

A simply apology for shipping the bug riddled BF4 and that what they learned from that experience will keep them from screwing up a BattleFront launch.

brish1509d ago

Does bf4 work yet?

Personally I would prefer if EA released games that worked.

fonger081509d ago

It didn't a couple months ago, I traded it in for Infamous. It has to work at least better right? I mean it's been 7 months since it's come out with a dozen or so patches.

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