Batman: Arkham Knight Gets New Teaser Trailer, Showing Batmobile's Battle Mode

Warner Bros has released a new teaser trailer for Rocksteady’s upcoming Batman game, Batman: Arkham Knight, showing the Battle Mode of the Batmobile.

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kingtroy1323d ago

And Delayed to 2015 Great

thekhurg1323d ago

This is going to be the generation of delays during this 12-18 month launch window. There is really no possible way for developers to make games this ambitious in the timeframe that they want without major hits to quality.

I'm glad they're happening, it means we should be getting better stuff later on.

WeAreLegion1323d ago

Your teaser trailer can't fill the Batman shaped hole in my heart, but it'll help.

skydragoonity1323d ago

These delays are very heartbreaking

Xsilver1323d ago

i find it amazing that batman never kills anyone by mistake with all those guns

MilkMan1323d ago

LOL. Im actually amazed he has those guns. I thought he was anti guns. WTF are those crazy-ass guns doing on the B-mobile?!

Dude4201323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Batman's vehicles always had weapons mounted on them, so it's no surprise. He's not an anti-gun freak, it's just in his code to not commit murder. He'll most likely use these weapons to destroy equipment, create escape routes and immobilize other vehicles.

I think Batman just doesn't use personal firearms because it reminds him of what killed his parents, hence uses other gadgets.

TekoIie1323d ago

I wonder how they'll stop us from shooting people ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.