“PS4: Where The Greatest Play;” Here’s What the E3 Venue’s Entrance Looks Like

The 2014 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo is exactly a week away, and the venue is almost ready for the event, including its many colorful billboards and banners.

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Iltapalanyymi1329d ago

so pumped about E3. greater hype than last year :3

antbolton891329d ago

If your more hyped than last year I think your going to be disappointed, don't mean to be a buzz-kill but I cant see last years E3 being topped unless your an xbox fan

Dudebro901329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Sonys show was filled with launch and third party titles. They will show off their new first party titles.

pedrof931329d ago

You're saying that X1 will have a better e3 ? Cuz the executives have been giving hints here and there ?

Hang yourself.

marlinfan101329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )


i think he's saying that xbox will be able to top their e3 last year but PS won't, (saying sony had a great showing last year). i do agree that sony had a great showing i just don't think it'll be impossible to top. i still think xbox had the better e3 last year (e3 is a game conference and xbox showed games beginning to end). both of them are gonna drop bombs this year so I'm expecting a big showing on both sides. only a few days left!!

Charybdis1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Sony will have a great E3 think this E3 will be really close. If Microsoft somehow manages to get a better e3,games wise, only thing sony will need to do is announce a price drop and watch their lead expand even further.

creatchee1329d ago


"...only thing sony will need to do is announce a price drop..."

Price drops do nothing for people who have already bought your console. Do you think early adopters of either console would rather see a price drop than new games? E3 is the time for them to show us what we'll be playing for the next few years.

ltachiUchiha1329d ago


Your funny lol. Just prepare yourself to get owned. Sony's E3 is going to be prolly the best E3 they ever had. Uncharted 4 alone is going to be a MEGATON. Remember when I told everyone when Naughty Dog finally reveals their game for the ps4 it would even impress PC owners? I wasn't lying. Watch when u see Uncharted 4. Not only will the graphics amaze all gamers but the new game mechanics has brung this franchise to life. Im talking about a TRUE CINEMATIC EXPIRIENCE brought to life. Just wait & see, I guarantee u Uncharted 4 will be game of the show. I just cannot believe what I saw. I just wished my friend could post it but he scared he will get in deep trouble but, just watch. U think QB & The Order look good? Lol, just prepare to be blown away. Mark my words. Remember everyone bookmark me for after u witness Naughty Dog once again starting Next Gen off with a bang.

antbolton891329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

@marlinfan10 thank you that's exactly what I saying, maybe I should of worded it a better

LAWSON721329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

E3 was terrible last year, at least the conferences. IMO MS gave Sony a free pass due to their epic fail. Sony's conference was nothing special besides the surprise price and KH3

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XiSasukeUchiha1329d ago

Damn Sony is bringing A game and their games out!

Destrania1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Sony's E3 conference will blow everyone away, mark my words.

marlinfan101329d ago

both conferences will blow everyone away, mark my words

Ocsta1329d ago

Well M$'s will BLOW at least :P

marlinfan101329d ago


Atleast u fanboys keep it mature

LogicStomper1329d ago

*Marks for trolling*

Kidding :D

masterfox1329d ago

I agree only the best gamers plays on PS4!!!!

*Runs aways from mustard race*

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