First Battlefield Hardline Reaction: "Super Fun", "Amazing Job", "Huge Passion From Visceral"

Battlefield Hardline has been demonstrated in a San Francisco event yesterday, and one of the guests already spilled the beans and praised both the game and Visceral as a studio.

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Imp0ssibl31387d ago

Hardline definitely seems like the most interesting thing the Battlefield franchise did since Bad Company. Battlefield 3 and 4 were a let down for me, hopefully Visceral can deliver.

Alexious1387d ago

I agree that it's an interesting spin on Battlefield, although admittedly the videos are worrying in that it seems a little more than a mod of BF4.

Then again, playing and watching are two different things.

ezop1386d ago

@Alexious even if it was a MOD'd version of BF4 its gotta be better than BF4 is at now .. cops'n'robbers all the way..

Army_of_Darkness1386d ago

what about dead space Visceral?! Dead space!!

XiSasukeUchiha1386d ago

Hardline might equal up to Bad Company!

ccgr1387d ago

Curious how this one will pan out

NatureOfLogic_1386d ago

Games that I will avoid going forward.

Battlefield Flatline: BF4 mod with cop cars

Ace Combat infinity(PS3 f2p): cost $20/hour to play.

Every Full priced game with f2p levels of microtransactions.

Alexious1386d ago

Well, I'd still wait to actually see the game in a proper reveal before labeling it a BF4 mod once and for all.

FullMetalTech1386d ago

Hes got apoint though. Most of the modes, guns and vehicles are basically reskinned from the looks of the leak. For me hardwire looks like End Game and Armored kill, The Blood Money is basically a CTF mode. Rescue is pretty much what it is and the other modes are like Conquest but with banks or vaults. Well see how the beta pans out after E3.

Oagoz1386d ago

It really does look exactly like bf4 with new gsmemodes =\

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