EA Sports UFC Demo Impressions

Hype for EA Sports UFC is at an all-time high with a vibe that this could be the best UFC game on consoles so far and now there's a demo to get a taste of what’s to come.

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TrollingKoala1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Aside from lots of controls you eventually get used to and the only two available fighters in the demo, plays good (issues that were mentioned can easily be fixed because it is a demo) and it was so satisfying when i roundhouse kicked the opponent in the face at the end of round one which was an instant KO.

stavrami-mk21386d ago

How do the submission feel?

TrollingKoala1386d ago

All i can say is if your getting the sh*t beaten out of you the tutorials are a good help and watch your opponents body movement.

maximus19851386d ago

They are still very tough to pull off. It's more fun against a friend guessing where your going to pull the right stick but it's still a chore (as I guess it should be since fights would end too quickly if submitting was easy). Also there's some collision issues when both fighters strike at the same time.

CJDUNCAN1386d ago

definitely the hardest submission system to pull off even with the simplified controls.

TrollingKoala1386d ago

@maximus1985 The only really big collision issue besides the one you mentioned which was a little bit annoying was when your opponent or yourself attempted a take-down near a fence and you would kind of just slide down it instead of clashing with it.

pompombrum1386d ago

I have to admit, they done really good with this game and with them waiting so long to show real gameplay, I was certain they had screwed it up. Only problem I've noticed so far is that every match I've had ends in the first round.

oKidUKo1386d ago

It certainly promotes a more fast paced battle, even with Stamina you can get a knockout in the first round if you avoid the other fighter's advances.

maximus19851386d ago

Doing jones signature kicks and elbows is just great fun. The parrying high low is good for keeping your opponent guessing. The submissions are tough to get used to but when you understand it it becomes a mind game against a real person.

kza1386d ago

is the demo out now? might have 2 make a US account to dl this

SuperBlur1386d ago

funny , i downloaded the demo from the eu store since it was not made available on na servers first

n4rc1386d ago

Ya it's out..

Control scheme seems wonky for no good reason.. Undisputed had it right

Now both bumpers are random modifiers?

Seems like they had a good system that worked and changed it just enough to be annoying Lol.. Feels very unintuitive to me

n4rc1386d ago

Blah.. Tried playing some more

Super let down.. Their control scheme just blows.. Won't be picking this up and that bums me out.. Was excited for it

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